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10/8/13 8:21 A

I was told by a tea sales guy in sf china town the tea can store for years. There were some that are aged for 25 years. I guess it is at your own risk.

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10/8/13 8:05 A

Hi All - I know that green tea is super good for you, but I don't really like the taste. I found a Tetley blend with pomegranate that I don't mind. Is that just as beneficial as the regular green tea?
Thanks; Heather

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,316
10/8/13 5:55 A

I'd have to agree with Becky on this one. Pitch the tea and keep the tin. Yes it's "just tea" and theoretically over time the leaves would just go stale and lose their potency.... but after some of the stuff that's come out in the news about food safety in China.... idk if it's really worth it. I'm about as cheap as they come, but I'd throw it away and keep the tin.

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10/7/13 7:21 P

Tea sealed in a tin can stay good for a LONG time. As long as it is just tea leaves and not some sort of a mix, I would try it.

Tea leaves will lose their potency over time, but old tea leaves won't hurt you--they just lose their flavor.

I have students who bring me treats from China all the time--I haven't died yet!

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10/7/13 4:37 P

I cant read chinese but I do know it's dragon well tea 100%..and it's made in china "like normal" in the area where dragon well is popular..thats about all I know..might try some..

10/7/13 4:35 P

I would post pictures if I could but my niece broke my camera :(..and I wish they could make it so people could smell stuff off the net lol..and as far ask the "bosses" wife can tell me it's at lest 6 years old before I got it

10/7/13 4:34 P

Since you know "nothing" about the manufacturer, or the food safety of the country---I say PITCH; and just keep the cool tin. You have no idea of the ingredients in the tea blend.

your SP Registered Dietitian

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
10/7/13 2:28 P

Since I pretty much only drink hot tea when I'm sick, I've got tea I've bought myself in my cupboard that is probably about that old, that I would drink. It's usually weaker so I use more. I toss it if it smells off somehow or if I think critters have got to it for some reason.

The things that would endanger your health would be critters and mold spores. Since it has been tightly packaged until now, you are probably OK on those fronts. But I'm not a doctor or any kind of scientific professional, and I can't see or smell your tea through the Internet, so ingest at your own risk!

10/7/13 1:54 P

About 3 years ago my parents "boss" gave me a old grey tin with gold trim and a gold dragon on it the only thing he knew about it was it was tea and he did not know how old it was bought thought if the tea was no good I could keep the tin cuz it was neat looking.

.Well it's all chinese writing except for the bottom where it says The West Lake Longjing Tea Company Of Hangzhou well it gives me a old tel # a cable # and the net weight of 125g..Well I looked up the only thing I could in english and I got dragon well green tea.The tea in the tin looks just like it other then it's not as green as what the pictures show.

My tea is a light tan with green "I'm guessing it's from aging" It came sealed (i.e plastic that keep the lid of the tin on the rest of the tin) and it has a plastic disk that acts like another seal.

My question is,is it still good? smells ok and all and I stepped a little and the water came out with a light yellow color and it smells ok do you think it's safe to drink?

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