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7/13/14 8:27 P

General advice would be start small, with baby steps, as Spark calls them, "FastBreak" goals. Move ten minutes a day. Drink more water. Start tracking what you eat.

If you have an idea of what is healthy, plan your own meals around that. If you're not familiar with healthy eating, give the Spark plans a try (it auto-fills in your meals and then you can adjust if you wish).

What works is consistency. Not perfection, consistency. If you eat more than you wish you had, try again at the next meal or the next day. Be honest with your tracker and remember to love yourself because you're a lot more than the number on the scale or how many calories you ate today. emoticon

PATTYGRAN Posts: 411
7/13/14 8:14 P

Hi and welcome, I'm Patty and I've been away but have been a member for awhile. I have lost 70 lbs and still want to lose another 70. I plan to step up my exercise and return to restriction of white products, flour and sugar. That's how I lost the first 70 but then fell off the wagon. Welcome and friend me if you want to.

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7/13/14 8:04 P

Hi! I'm new to spark, and I'm hoping to lose 40lbs with this system. Any advice is appreciated!! It's always been hard for me to keep off weight and over the past year I put back on everything I lost last year using Plexus. :( I'm determined to get this weight off!!

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