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4/20/13 4:56 P

I'm actually only about 45 minutes into it, so I haven't got that far, yet!

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4/20/13 4:46 P

Hungry for Change is good, but it devolves there in the end into a juicing/cleanse infomercial, which I'm not crazy about. I'm not an advocate of the sort of "science" they're talking about in the end. But the first part of the documentary is very eye-opening and worth a look. Just take your critical thinking skills with you when you watch it!

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4/20/13 4:37 P

I came across a documentary on Netflix about dieting called "Hungry for Change". It's about the food industry, specifically foods geared toward people trying to lose weight and how that industry markets for their bottom line, not for your best interests. It's very informative and really interesting. I think not only should all dieters watch this, but all consumers! I have no special interest or ulterior motive in promoting this documentary or Netflix, I just thought it was really good and thought you guys might like it, too! I would definitely recommend it.

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