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I am guessing you need to lubricate the wheels on your elliptical? The best stuff I found is

It is a synthetic grease that comes in a little tube. I have never tried the spray.

They have an online store as well as a where to buy section.

The stuff works great and a little goes a loooong way. A little dab the size of a dime will last a month or 2 depending on usage.

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Try WD40. You can find it at any local hardware store or even Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc... You can also find liquid silicon at any hardware store. Don't be afraid to ask the clerks for advice.

Also, the best all natural lubricating oil is (oddly enough) olive oil. a dot goes a long way.

At this point, you may have to remove some of the gels you've been putting on your elliptical. Some times too much can clog up a machine, not help it.

Take the can back and get a refund. You can find cheaper and non toxic lubricants. try WD40 or even try a bit of the olive oil.

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I have an elliptical machine and was lubing it with this liquid silicone. It worked amazing, but I ran out. I couldn't find anything similar to it, so someone suggested using 'Jig-a-loo', which is a lubricant. I find it doesn't work nearly as good. So I went to a fitness store and they had 'Aid Silicone Spray - Zep'. I spoke to the sales guy who said it works very well for any machine, and I purchased it. When I got home I realized on the can it said '...Industrial use only not for household use.' It also has a warning sign of something that can cause cancer.

It concerns me because I have 4 cats. It says nothing about harmful to animals, but it does say 'not for household use'.

It was pretty expensive, and the sales guy knew it would be used at my home. Do you think it's safe to use in my home, also with animals?

And what do you use to lubricate your machine?

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