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12/15/12 3:27 P

Here it is another Christmas and I'm sruggling through the holidays!
Things have been tough and I know God will provide Christmass for my granddaughters, but its still tough.
It doesn't matter how much I love them......
I just wasn't prepared to raise another family,.....
I wasn't prepared to be a single grandmother raising another family.........

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12/15/12 1:27 P

No, but I am a witness to it, and in most instances it disgusts me because the parents are capable adults, just lazy, selfish, and irresponsible. Thank goodness for such selfless people like yourself.

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12/15/12 1:24 P

God bless you-your youngest daughter is very lucky to have such a caring mother and grandmother-unfortunately your story is getting to be all too common-I hope your daughter gets her act together.

CAYYEE Posts: 15
4/19/12 10:09 P

I am raising two of my granddaughters along with my two later-in-life sons. So instead of having the boys both in school and only having to pay for the afterschool program, I have daycare for both of the girls, as well. The younger of my adult daughters just cannot get her life in gear and I've had the girls for so much of their lives now that if she tried to reclaim them it would be very traumatic for them AND for me. At least she got an IUD so the chances of me inheriting another child are now lower.

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1/7/12 10:27 P

Im not really raising my grandchild but him and his dad, my son, lives with me and i watch my grandbaby when my son is in school because hes a senior in highschool. I do love being a grandparent much more than a parent lol My son had him when he was very young and i really didnt think things was going to work out for the good but hes done so well :)

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1/7/12 8:43 P

Wow, I sure wasn"t expecting to raise another generatiion of children,but I am.
Truth is there are alot of grandparnets doing just that.
Are you one of those grandparents???? emoticon emoticon

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