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6/6/13 9:17 P

I'll tell you what my dad always tells us: "If you want it bad enough, find a way and go after it!!!!"

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6/6/13 4:13 P

In NC I must have:
08A .0309 Concentration in Accounting

(a) A concentration in accounting includes:

(1) at least 30 semester hours, or the equivalent in quarter hours, of undergraduate accountancy courses which shall include no more than six semester hours of accounting principles and no more than three semester hours of business law; or

(2) at least 20 semester hours or the equivalent in quarter hours, of graduate accounting courses that are open exclusively to graduate students; or

(3) a combination of undergraduate and graduate courses which would be equivalent to Subparagraph (1) or (2).

(b) In recognition of differences in the level of graduate and undergraduate courses, one semester (or quarter) hour of graduate study in accounting is considered the equivalent of one and one-half semester (or quarter) hours of undergraduate study in accounting.

(c) Up to four semester hours, or the equivalent in quarter hours, of graduate income tax courses completed in law schools may count toward the semester hour requirement of Paragraph (a) of this Rule.

(d) Where, in the Board’s determination, an accounting course duplicates another course previously taken, only the semester (or quarter) hours of one of the courses shall be counted in determining if the applicant has a concentration in accounting.

(e) Accounting courses include such courses as principles courses at the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels; managerial accounting; business law; cost accounting; fund accounting; auditing; and taxation. There are many college courses offered that would be helpful in the practice of accountancy, but are not included in the definition of a concentration in accounting. Such courses include business finance, business management, computer science, economics, writing skills, accounting internships, and CPA exam review.

30 hrs of undergraduate courses would feel like a waste at this point, I think, and the 20hrs of grad school courses would be very difficult to accumulate with their current scheduled offerings.

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6/6/13 3:51 P

Is there a way to qualify to take the CPA exam without getting a full degree but just taking some courses here and there?

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6/6/13 3:43 P

@Hickory I currently work full-time doing program evaluation in a local company. They keep to the standard workday so night work isn't an option.

I am definitely going to do the MPA program, I guess I may or may not do the MSA at a later date if it becomes feasible. Maybe by the time I'm done they will have more options to choose from. I will still take any accounting courses I can so that I can have those hours on my resume.

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6/6/13 3:32 P

I'd personally go ahead and do the program you can do (unless I misread...I think it was the MPH one?). It sounds like if you are going to be working and going to graduate school then that will be a challenge already! Or is working at night and going to school during the day an option?? If you could go to the day program and find a nighttime gig to get you through school that might work as well!

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6/6/13 3:25 P

Thanks for the input. In the arena I'm looking toward, the MPA is most definitely what they want (although in some cases an MBA is acceptable if there is Public Admin experience). Without one of those two and 8+ years of experience you don't even meet the threshold to get looked at.

The most desirable candidates are those with the above credential plus the CPA, with bonus points for experience in public finance/budget analysis.

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6/6/13 3:06 P

Having paid for my master's myself and then joining a company where there were impressively large education reimbursements (if you started your master's while in the company), all I can say is get someone else to pay for grad school! Be it your company, a scholarship, whatever.

That being said, look at people's credentials and work experience who are doing the jobs you want to do and let that be your guide. Also ask yourself if a master's is really necessary or can you get the skills you need with a graduate diploma, certificate, or even just classes at a community college. A piece of paper means nothing if you don't have the skills needed for the job. What's important is the skills and experience you have, not the piece of paper that says you have them.

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6/6/13 1:44 P

I am applying to graduate school for Spring (January) admission. It's a Master of Public Administration program, and can be done part-time with night classes (as I am currently working). I was starting to get very excited as I had planned to incorporate a Master of Science in Accounting as well, applying my MPA free elective credits to the MSA program. Well, I just found out that the MSA program is a full-time, day only program, so that is no longer an option. Also, there are no accredited MSA programs online that would qualify me to sit for a CPA exam. To do the MSA program I would have to take a full year off from work. I have a husband and child, mortgage, student loans etc. already so that would be really tough.

I am so torn. I really want both. I feel like I NEED both to get me to my long-term career goal of city manager (or similar appointment).

I know that no one can really tell me exactly what I should do, but does anyone out there have an opinion? similar experience? any thoughts to share?

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