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7/14/13 2:55 P

The first day of school when my son was 4 was quite funny....a friend of his was going to the school for the very first time and very upset about leaving his mommy....lots of crying etc. So when I picked my son up from school, while walking to our car, I casually asked "How long did Jack cry for this morning" to which my son replied "Oh from our car to that red car over there"

We have two dogs, a big dog and a small dog. The small dog is always hiding his little rawhide bones from his sister dog in very odd places. One morning I was getting dressed to go to the gym and I found a rawhide bone in my gym bag and another in my running shoe....big dog never found them.

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7/14/13 1:35 P

I have a fish and a daughter...I love my daughter...

7/13/13 7:40 P

yes we do

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7/13/13 7:29 P

I was cat sitting for my sis. I went over to check on them and I thought some one had broke in! An end table was knocked over as well as a rocking chair. The table cloth was on the floor, mail was scattered everywhere, the mini blinds were knocked askew! The house looked horrible. I was ready to call the cops when the cats came racing down the hall, jumped to the back of the couch to the dining room table to the chair they had knocked over, pinged off the window and raced back down the hall!
LOL 3 ten pound kitties had wrecked the place. emoticon

7/13/13 11:26 A

I got to thinking about all the crazy things that our kids and pets have done over the years. Here's a couple stories (among many) from my home front.

At age 4, one of my daughters plastered the whole bathroom sink with about 1/4" of toothpaste and left it for us to find. When asked who was to blame, she told us our cats did it.

The other daughter, upon being taken to the Grand Canyon (and standing behind the rail, overlooking the canyon) asked, "So where's the big hole everyone keeps talking about?"

We left our three cats alone in the house while we took a long weekend camping trip, and when we got home we had no drapes on our windows -- they were all torn down!

Any of you have humorous stories?


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