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4/16/09 9:09 A

sp is "the best thing since sliced bread." (make mine rye or whole wheat, not white.) way to go and awesome progress! love your attitude, too. your positive self-talk will save you every time. that's what sp is all about. it's helped me a lot, so i look forward to what the site has to offer each time i log on. ROCK ON and here's to your continued success towards goal and healthy, lifetime, lifestyle-changes!! nancy
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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4/16/09 9:09 A

Kudo's to you!
I love to cook healthy but just cannot find the time to do it often. I let the family and life dictate to the fastlane of eating/cooking.
My goal is to make the time.

LDM1957 Posts: 1
4/16/09 9:09 A

Thank You for the Spark People website. I'm new to you since Dec 08'. I see all the work you put into this amazing area of health. You are far most leading infomation for those that are looking for health and fitness management. You are truly a Godsend. I really appreciate your receipes. Now I see how to fuel my body and help it work for me.

4/16/09 9:01 A

Eating healthy and Exercise! The more you move your body the more your body will move for you. Take breaks in your workday and MOVE! Even 3 minutes of very intense movement ( jumping jacks, running in place, push ups, squats etc.) will get your blood moving and increase energy levels.
Try it! You will be amazed!

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4/16/09 9:00 A

You are so right! I also enjoy cooking and some of the recipes on are great. In fact I have one in the crockpot for later!

One of my goals is to try one new recipe per week. It brings enjoyment back to cooking and everything is from scratch!

Great post, KAYERS76!

WEBBHEAD2 Posts: 2
4/16/09 8:59 A

I'm a big food network "foody". I have always liked the cooking shows on TV. Jamie Oliver is one of my FAV chefs. He cooks healthy and with fresh organic foods. I have watch enough cooks that i make up my own reciepes. they just come to me while shopping or driving or where ever.
So good for you cutting out the boxes. Good luck chefing. And good luck with your goals!!

KELLIEM Posts: 1,475
4/16/09 8:58 A's not that difficult to cook 'real food' and it tastes SO MUCH BETTER! If more people in America did this, we would not have the obesity rate we currently have.

4/16/09 8:57 A

Congratulations! You're a great example of when what we think will be most difficult option turns out to be the easiest and the most beneficial. Keep it up!

WOLFFK Posts: 2
4/16/09 8:56 A

I know exactly what you mean. When my kids were growing up, I felt that I never had time to "cook healthy". I turned 50 in 2007, and felt that "the time was right" for my husband and me as empty-nesters to focus on our health and well-being. I have been eating and cooking healthy now for almost two years, and in 31 years of marriage, my husband and I have never eaten more delicious meals (and we've each lost about 50 pounds over the last two years!). The best compliment, though, is when my 24-year old son says he prefers to eat at home rather than out because he knows that he will always get a healthy meal! I really thank SparkPeople and other recipe sites for providing the tools for me to cook and eat better for life!

DAKDREW Posts: 761
4/16/09 8:55 A

emoticon on your 15 pounds! I totally agree about the cooking part. I have recently found myself not even enjoying things that used to be my favorite. Now I actually crave things like fresh fruits and veges - I HAVE to have at least a salad a day (even when I don't do the exercise part). Things from a can or a box don't even smell good anymore either. What a blessing to discover this part of my new healthy lifestyle :)

4/16/09 8:50 A

Great post. Thoughtful and well presented.

Thanks. Bob

4/16/09 8:50 A

Congrats on your weight loss. I love using fresh and natural foods in my recipes. I do not find the Spark recipes up to my standards.I find they use to many process/artifical foods. ie... Diet coke is not healthy in any way.

MEYERMV Posts: 2
4/16/09 8:48 A

Congratulations on losing 15 lbs, you, like many Spark members, are an inspiration.
I frequent this site, and the frugal forum on CL. I often wonder how people can feed their families on so little money every month. I think, it’s because they don’t buy processed foods, at all!
I feed my husband, myself and our cat on ~$200 per month, and though I am proud of that number I realize that I buy a lot of already processed and convenience foods. Those are unhealthy and more expensive. We have take out, maybe once a month at Subway, sometimes Noodles and Co. (these are the only places I can justify spending money at! lol), other than that, if he wants pizza he orders it. I can not justify paying for $10 or more for ONE pizza. I hate spending $3.50 (Red Baron pizza, on sale at the grocery store) a pizza, when I know I can make it for cheaper and healthier at home. (See my cheapism in full effect?)
I do make my own bread and salsa as well now. With the bread I put on lots of healthy toppings, so it’s kind of like a dry pizza. But that doesn't cut a lot of cost, since we don't eat bread too often. But...I will continue to enjoy my sticky rice and salsa treat (my mouth is's 7:30am...not even close to lunch time yet!)
I expect my grocery bill will go down in a couple of months because we will be growing a lot of our veggies soon, but feel like I have no energy to expend after working all day. I know this is some kind of fallacy because I sit at my job all day, and don’t expend much energy at all. I don’t know why I’m so tired at 4:00pm. Some days I can keep pushing myself until 9:00pm (a couple of days ago, at 8pm, I made pocket bread…mmm mmm good), but most days I’m done at 4:30, when I get home.
My question then, after telling you guys my life story, is: How do full time employed women and full time mothers keep going after the business (part of the) day has ended?

BRIDGE80 Posts: 6
4/16/09 8:40 A

I totally agree with you 100%!!! I LOVE cooking healthy meals. I enjoy the food now so much more than the food I was eating before. I am glad I have this new mindset and new way of thinking and eating.

TOBES13 Posts: 63
4/16/09 8:32 A

Congrats!! That is fantastic on the 15 pound weight lost emoticon .
I have always loved to cook.It relaxes me.I am new to this site.. I am starting to look at the recipes today.. That sounds pretty interesting. Good luck and best wishes to you...

SUNNY332 Posts: 35,275
4/16/09 8:32 A

I have lost 13 since January but put some back on when we went on Vacation.

I also love the spark recipes. So much variety and they are good.

Keep up the good work.


CFMOSS Posts: 7,714
4/16/09 8:29 A

Way to go! Love spark recipes

EFALLAT Posts: 14
4/16/09 8:15 A

Congratulations on loosing 15 pounds since January that is excellent. I have had a hard time with diets in the past, because I didn't want to give up on the foods that I love. I have always loved to cook and fresh foods always taste so much better. Cooking for me has always been very therapeutic. Keep up the good work. emoticon

STRETCH84 Posts: 503
4/16/09 8:15 A

WEIGH to go!!!!!!!!!!

ANGELWINGS40 SparkPoints: (15)
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4/16/09 8:12 A

Congratulations on losing 15 pounds. You should be very proud of the lifestyle changes you are making. I completely understand the importance of taking time to cook at home as the opposite has happened to myself. When my teenage son moved back in with me 2 1/2 years ago, my cooking changed. I started cooking more pastas, red meat, less veggies, more "quick" items as that is what he likes. As a result I have gained at least 25 pounds since then and have starting feeling very unhealthy again. It's time to put an end to the unhealthy cooking and to take back the time to prepare healthier meals for myself like I used to do. If he doesn't like it, he can make his own meals. It's my health at risk! emoticon

AQUARIUS0208 Posts: 2
4/16/09 8:04 A

Way to go! 15 pounds down is awesome. I agree with you that 'scratch' cooking healthy recipes is enjoyable and tastses so much better than the quick-fix-mix packaged stuff that is available. My husband does most of the cooking in our house and 95% of it includes heart healthy recipes. One of our favourites is Veggie Meatloaf made w/ extra lean groung beef with carrots, celery, and onion (chopped fine then sauteed in broth)added in. My kids who are now 15 and 17 love, love, love this and it was a great way to get veggies into them without them realizing. In fact, when he was little, my son thought it was called 'Meatlove" not Meatloaf!!

CMORISAK Posts: 3,409
4/16/09 8:04 A

Congrats on the 15 pounds. I would enjoy cooking more, if I knew that my family would actually eat the foods I cook. It is so hard to cook for people who are very picky eater. My husband has to know every item in the dish before he will try it. Drive me crazy. I find I cook for myself and make other things for them because I want the healthier foods. One day they will eat with me. I know it.

JANIS110 Posts: 56
4/16/09 7:32 A

Congrats on the 15 pounds!! Healthy eating is really not as difficult as people think. Yes, it is easier to cans, fastfood, etc., but doesn't homemade taste so much better.

TRACE652 Posts: 32
4/16/09 7:28 A

Great post,my question is, how did you get your husband to even try it? Mine thinks healthy food,nah I'd rather have a sandwich. Very discouraging to cook and not have it eaten.

RUBYSNANA Posts: 6,212
4/16/09 7:27 A

I so agree with you. I prepare simple, healthy foods and everyone is happy. The meals are light and fresh and even eye appealing. I get no complaints!

HENRYAC Posts: 4
4/16/09 7:27 A

Good for you guys!!! I hope I can say the same thing soon! I just started SparkPeople, and like you were before, I'm not much of a cooker. I do cans, boxes, frozen veggies, etc...It's just me at home though which makes it harder, but hopefully I will learn to love to cook as I change my lifestyle and eating and exercising habits!!!

UPFORFUN03 Posts: 6,579
4/16/09 7:26 A

I couldn't agree with you more! We actually had this conversation last night at dinner! For us it was about giving up meat and dairy and eating well and not missing a thing... Good luck to you!

3TWINS Posts: 2,586
4/16/09 7:25 A

I agree now, although I wouldn't have before I starting eating for health.

I plan to - no, I WILL reach my goal weight this year!

CSDAYS SparkPoints: (272,312)
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4/16/09 7:20 A

I agree that healthy foods taste best. I work with my grandchildren when they are here and they are surprised that you can make it without a box. Thanks for sharing your story!! emoticon

ELLIET3 Posts: 5,277
4/16/09 7:18 A

I would use more of Spark People reciepes if my family weren't so picky.This was a great article though.

BALLROOM16 Posts: 5
4/16/09 7:18 A

Did you mean that the recipe is made with Diet Coke? I couldn't find the recipe on the website. Maybe it should be one of the 10 featured recipes on the website this week.

4/16/09 7:18 A

Thanks for the post. I actually cooked FRESH sqush and tomatoes yesterday with wild salmon. It tasted so good! But it's hard to eat good fresh food and stay on a budget. Any suggestions? Martha Maria

DAINS859 Posts: 18
4/16/09 7:10 A

I also am a weight watchers member and have been using SP for about 6 months(?). I, too, thought it was a pain to have to track in 2 different places, but I just recently found that you can keep track of fiber also on SP at the bottom of the tracking page under "see today's full report". Figure out your points and put it right into notes, or as I do, I keep a tracker at my computer and write into that. Good luck on your new journey!

4/16/09 7:09 A

I really must start using the recipe's on this site.
Thank You so much!

1CAVEINROCK SparkPoints: (0)
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4/16/09 7:07 A

I agree. I have made some of the Sparkpeople recipes and they have been excellent. We particularly liked the Sticky Chicken. It was simple yet just enough effort to look like I was "Food Network Star". The family loved it

LILLIANA49 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1,113
4/16/09 7:06 A

Why diet, eat delicious, just eat the half portions.. :-)

BEACHDREAMS Posts: 3,704
4/16/09 6:58 A

Good post--and true. Thank you for sharing!

4/16/09 6:27 A

What do you eat instead of sandwiches...I cant figure that out especially when you are at work, a sandwich is so much easier than building a salad before you go to work...and i hear protein is good but carbs are needed too, especially in the early part of the day...I have a trainer working with me and this is what she tells me....

BOOKMOUSE SparkPoints: (0)
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4/16/09 6:27 A

Sparks is a great place to fine what you want when you want it !! great job!! Keep it up. emoticon emoticon

4/16/09 6:25 A

Great posts is definitely my passion and always was, the reason I am overweight...and I cook with healthy ingredients and cook low is the kicker...I love food, good healthy i learned its ok to cook healthy but even healthy food is fattening! So PORTION CONTROL is the answer!!! Its a battle everyday, I have 30 lbs to lose and have lost 7 over a period of a year.....what can I be doing wrong? I am still focused and have now added lets see what that does! Any other suggesions??

4/16/09 6:24 A

I get what your saying. I love to eat and cook healthy. It is fun finding ways to get in healthy ingredients for a meal. I now like to eat healthy, and when I don't, I can feel it. Being more aware of what I'm eating and how I prepare food has taught me so much.

MBVMFLUTIST SparkPoints: (0)
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4/16/09 5:51 A

I love cooking now too! ;)

4/16/09 5:31 A

I agree. I have lost 21 pounds since last October - mostly from cutting down on carbs (i was eating lots of potatoes, pasta, rice and sandwiches). What do you eat when avoiding potatoes? Butternut squash! (roasted chipped or mashed) Avoiding rice with your curry - have a side veg such as mushroom bhagee. Italian - no pasta or pizza but 3 kinds of meat in a nice sauce with piles of roasted veg. yummy. Chilli beef is really nice with crunchy iceberg lettuce.
I had a cheese and ham sub from an airport recently (no other choice) and the bread just bloated me out and made me feel sick. I have a sweet tooth and have a choc covered strawberries or dried apricots (85% choc - its expensive but a bar lasts a week) or low sugar jelly and instant whip or an added protein low fat low sugar yohgurt for dessert. I have loads more energy as I eat lots of veg every day which is cheaper and better for you than fruit (less sugar). Eggs are cheap and versatile. Low fat cheese is full of protein and not expensive. I dont see how anyone can use cost or time as a reason for not cooking healthy food.

4/16/09 4:56 A

Thanks for this message.It is reminding me that cooking is a passion of mine. I am jsut starting this whole losing weight thing all over again after a two year "binge". I am kind of sad and depressed that I have gotten to this point AGAIN... But I am two weeks into making some changes and of course feel better...even though the weight is coming off so slowly this time. I have just discovered this web site and am swinging between sparks and weight watchers so I am alittle confused. I do love some of the things offered by this plan. Cooking with regular ingrediants and having a real handle on calories and carbs and protiens etc is a good thing although a little much to keep tract of all at once. Anyway this is my first responce and I do think communication with other out there is helpful. Good luck to you!

ROCKYBEAR397 Posts: 1
4/16/09 4:33 A

I love the recipes
and the ideas
ti has inspired me and halp me lose three pounds I just started so I am thrilled

Make me enjoy cooking again

COSGROVE2 Posts: 1
4/16/09 3:23 A

please unsubscribe me, cannot afford the kb they all use. Am on a limited budget. I do appreciate all the effort you have put into this site. Maureen Cosgrove

EILANNA Posts: 12
4/16/09 3:10 A

I too have re-discovered the joy of cooking from scratch. I use my chicken carcus for stock, add my left over veg including stalks from broccoli and cauliflower. Nothing wasted! I add pasta or potato's and put them in the blitzer. No need for other stuff to thicken them.

NANCYLEE46 SparkPoints: (96,448)
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4/16/09 1:23 A

Eating Healthy as a Way of Life is Great and so exciting. I totally enjoyed your post and agree that to just eat healthy and smart sure beats all those diets out there. It is so great when it becomes internalized. Cooking is now a hobby for me. I love watching the cooking shows and tring new recipes.

I give Spark the Credit for helping to bring me to this point.


4/6/09 9:57 P

Yes I totaly agree with you! Not that I would have 6 months ago hehehehe

Like you, I hated cooking, but now I am always looking for new things to cook, and ways of substituting higher calorie meals into low ones...

Good on you for your weight-loss so far! emoticon

KAYERS76 Posts: 1,343
4/6/09 8:17 P

As I was making dinner tonight I suddenly thought "Why would anyone NOT want to eat healthy?".
Since beginning sparkpeople in January I have lost 15 pounds. More importantly, I have found a new passion - cooking! I have always dubbed myself the queen of cans and boxes when it comes to cooking but as I searched for ways to get all my carbs, fats and proteins without going ove on calories I discovered Sparkpeople recipes. As they say, the rest is history! I started cooking healthy, from scratch meals and discovered that I actually liked putting all that time and effort into cooking. The hubs is a happy man and even though he definately does not need to lose weight he has never turned down any of these meals. He did gripe about "ground turkey" at first and whined - "can't we just have regular food". So tonight I made the Sloppy Joes with Diet Coke and he accused me of sneaking in a can of the mix - even this is sooo much better.

I guess the point is, why would anyone want to diet when they can eat delicious, healthy meals, not feel deprived at all and have their appetite satisfied? Maybe this is what that previously misunderstood (by me) healthy lifestyle is all about! I love sparkpeople!!!

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