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1/3/12 6:04 A

I love lifting weights with my boyfriend or running together along the treadmill. It's all up to you guys! Throwing around a basketball can be fun too! My boyfriend and I played a game of basketball pig after working out together at the gym and it was a blast! Have fun!

1/2/12 10:26 P

emoticon emoticon sounds good.

Depends on what you guys like. Try going for walks and eventually work up to running. If you enjoy a sport you can play together. Soccer, basketball, tennis...anything you guys like to do. You could try dancing together, it just depends what you are interested in. Also, you could try new things together to see what you enjoy. Could be an adventure. Maybe one day you ride bikes, another you ice skate, or do a workout video.

Have fun!

BUFFEDSTUFF-- Posts: 2,520
1/2/12 7:54 P

It depends on personal preference, pumping iron together can form a wonderful bond of connection if both parties are so inclined. Discover what you and your man enjoy together and then go for it the best source is to ask him what he enjoys. Good luck, and happy new year. emoticon

1/2/12 6:45 P


It all depends on what you and your boyfriend like doing. My husband and I do lots of things together like walk the dogs, play Wii, ride our bikes, even take classes like yoga and Pilates (in addition to just going to the gym). Most men are not willing to take things like yoga, but it is GREAT for men because they tend to be really tight. Try looking up some yoga workouts on might be surprised at what you two get into together :)

Good luck!

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1/2/12 6:15 P

So i got my boyfriend to work out with me hes really excited what type of exercises do you guys recommend for couples to do together?

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