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7/13/11 4:25 P

Pep Talk:

Ok, Gina, you have to realize you are working a mentally demanding part-time job, you babysit for friends for a little extra money to support your own five loving but energetically-gifted children, you take two of your sons to baseball games four nights a week, you have a household to keep up, mouths to feed, bodies to dress, meals to prepare and cook, you are doing pretty well eating nutritionally balanced meals, and you are running a 3.55 Warrior Dash this's ok to miss a day or two of your P90X program. If you do the 90 days in 120 days, that's ok too!!

Don't let the fact that you missed last night's workout, or ate a lot of not-the-healthiest foods get to you. Remember today is a new day, with no mistakes in it. (Remember Anne of Green Gables?) You are strong, you are fitter than you have been in years!, you are capable of so much!! Keep it up, girl!!

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7/2/11 1:10 A

emoticon Happy 4th of July weekend.

Don't quit. You can do it. emoticon

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7/1/11 1:39 A

Since the first journal entry, I have really amped up my game. I have been following the P90X Lean workout schedule, and I have recently completed a 3.3 mile Mud Run. The scale finally budged again in the right direction going from 153 to 151. I long to be under 150, which will happen soon (I keep telling myself).

My diet, however.....could use some improvement. I track (most of the time), and stay within my limits (some of the time), but I have an enemy that I feel I need a specific battle plan to sweet tooth. Oh how I feel helpless when this nemesis attacks! I strongly feel like the only way to beat this beast is to go cold turkey and give up all white processed sugar. But can I do this? I'm not sure my willpower is strong enough. I want to do this, however, because if I'm not eating sweets my diet is pretty darn good. Plus, I think this could be what gets me past the final 15, and for the first time (since the dawn of my motherhood) that I can live in maintenance mode. That will be my soon as the carton of French Silk Ice cream is gone. emoticon

6/13/11 1:32 P

Good for you!
Sounds like you've confessed your weaknesses, re-focused on your vision, and specified a plan to get there. GREAT job!
May your vision become clearer and more exciting the more hurdles you jump successfully!

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6/13/11 1:23 P

It's time I get accountable. I started two and a half months ago, and I started with a bang!! Slowly things have trickled down to barely much effort and no weight loss. I have had compliments about my weight loss up to this point and am happy to announce that I have fit back into my "thinner" clothes, but my fear is that it is creeping back due to my lack of motivation to work out, and my lacksidasical way of keeping track of my eating.

Last week I attended a "GetMotivated" seminar and it jump-started my motivation in other areas of my life; financial, family related, and planning for my future. SparkPeople is the only way I have been able to get motivated for my health and weight loss. So although I've been having trouble staying on track, even while logging in every day, I thought if I go public with my goals (and weaknesses), I will be held accountable, and this will be my motivation to stick to it. That being said......

Goals for 2011:

1.) Lose 5 pounds a month for the next five months.

* run 2 days a week
* cross-train 2 days a week
* strength-train 3 days a week
* Stick like glue to my nutrition plan by making it public and being held accountable.

2.) Maintain goal weight thereafter.

* Stick with SparkPeople maintenance plan.
* Continue working out at least 4 times per week.
* Get through the holidays without letting it all go!

3.) Post in this community journal to update progress or document difficulties I am having.

So here's to a boost of motivation! Thanks for your support...I'll be needing it!

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