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8/12/13 7:04 A

San-J has really good large crackers made with brown rice, wheat-free Tamari sauce, and edge-to-edge sesame seeds. Both the black and brown cracker varieties are very tasty. Sesmark has a small cracker made from brown rice that is good with hummus especially. Crunchmaster makes very tasty multigrain crackers.

GETSHORTY Posts: 1,370
8/7/13 10:49 P

I guess it would also depend on the flavor profile you're looking for, but Food Should Taste Good makes a multigrain tortilla chip/cracker hybrid with quinoa, flax, and sesame--I really enjoy the texture and heartiness, even on their own.

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8/6/13 9:52 P

I just bought some 12 grain mini crackers from Trader Joe's. They're good, reasonably priced, and I like that a serving of them is 22.

I usually dip crackers in seasoned cottage I'm usually good with half a serving of the crackers. I find I eat less of the cottage cheese with bigger crackers. 11 crackers + 1/2 cup ff cottage cheese = 150 protein, fiber, etc...perfect snack!

50YEARSAWIFE Posts: 7,772
8/6/13 1:57 P

Trisket Rye caraway.

ANARIE Posts: 13,200
8/6/13 12:30 P

I give another vote for Kashi. At Target they're usually the same price as Wheat Thins, and you can often find coupons. Also, look for them in a grocery store that shelves them together with the other cracker, not in the "health food" section. I've seen different branches of the same chain charge $2 more when they shelve them with health food. In one case, the same store had them in both places with two different prices! I'm not sure how they did that since you would think the SKU would have to be the same. Then again, considering which chain it was, they probably charged the higher price and just hoped no one would notice it didn't match the shelf tag.

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8/6/13 11:04 A

Ak-mak crackers are great and don't have any nasty chemical ingredients

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,299
8/6/13 7:56 A

Wheat Thins aren't whole-grain, although whole wheat IS the first ingredient. (Second one is enriched flour) But I really like them.

I'd have to say I eat the reduced-fat Triscuits most often. They're pretty cheap and readily available, plus other stores (for example, Aldi's) have their own "generic" version of Triscuits and they're even cheaper. Some of the Wasa crackers are okay, but I hated the multi-grain. They weren't bad enough to justify throwing them away, but it took me a loooong time to gnaw my way through that package. The Kashi never go on sale around here.

Sometimes when there's a little extra money in the food budget, I'll buy a brand of crackers or cereal or bread or something else, to try. So far I'd have to say the Triscuits are still what I usually get.

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8/6/13 4:15 A

I don't know the cost of these but would assume they go on sale during the weekly savings or could be found at Target or Walmart for less
Wasa crackers
Kashi crackers
I am not sure if they are whole grain but I like wheat thins

BABSSLP Posts: 9
8/5/13 9:27 P

I like Triscuits and LOVE that they're reasonably priced. Any other whole-grain crackers that you like that aren't super-expensive?

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