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3/11/10 8:09 P

I like tonic water with some lime squeezed in. It's really refreshing in the summer. Regular tonic water does have ~90 calories per serving, which is better than pop, but this summer I'll have to try diet tonic water or seltzer.

ANYALUKY Posts: 10
3/11/10 7:00 P

try adding real fruit juice to regular water or sparkling water (mineral water). Mineral water is great for you, since it has vital minerals. Club soda is just tap water. emoticon

3/11/10 3:17 P

Boy, this hits home. I was the Super Big Gulp queen not too long ago. I couldn't get through a day without what amounted to almost two quarts of Diet Coke. I stopped, not because I was so good about watching my diet, but because I had a tooth actually disenagrate partially from the acid. Now, I'm not a young thing, but who wants to be toothless even when they're -- hmmmm, older?

So here's what I turned to besides good old water because I wasn't a water lover by any means. For carbination, flavored seltzer water is my favorite. You can buy the flavored kind or put your own Crystal Light (or the much cheaper WalMart brand) in it, use one of the flavored Splenda packets (they come in lemon and raspberry and are also good in iced tea and are good to take with you for bars and restaurants) or you can add sugar-free syrups like Torani or DiVinci that come in almost every flavor imaginable. I even have white chocolate. A bit of juice is always good as well, try lemon or lime with or without a sweetner and peach, orange, melon -- the choices are endless.

Other than carbonated beverages, I make a big pitcher of flavored herbal tea -- a different one each time -- and keep them on hand to drink day or night since they don't have caffine. There are fabulous flavors out there and you get the benefits that tea offers. Of course, you can add the same things to the tea that you add to seltzer water as well.sugar-free syrups, Crystal Lite type drink sticks, Splenda sticks and a bit of fruit juice to these as well. I agree with everyone that regular tea, white tea and green tea iced with or without flavor is great, too.

Happy drinking!

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3/10/10 4:38 P

There is something about seltzer water that upsets my stomach...I know that's odd. I have never been able to take alka seltzer either for the same reason. I am finding that my desire for soda (I had a huge Diet Pepsi crush) has almost disappeared with my focus on drinking 8 glasses of water or more per day. I may drink one per week now at the most. Iced green tea is good too.

JMFOGARTY11 Posts: 861
3/9/10 3:46 P

You are all amazing & creative...why did I never think of adding seltzer to Crystal Light??? That's a keeper!


CLTSASSY Posts: 143
3/9/10 3:39 P

My husband doesn't drink soda and so after we started dating, I gave it up also. I still like carbonation from time to time and my sister-in-law turned me onto Crystal Light in seltzer water. I tried the Crystal Light fruit punch in seltzer water and it tastes so much like a Tahitian Treat, which I used to love as a kid. I absolutely love this.

CHOCO-HOLIC Posts: 114
3/3/10 2:30 P

i love flavored seltzers! i have it at home when i want something other than plain water and have started bringing it to parties now too (in addition to a bottle of wine for the host) so that i have a good non-alcoholic option. most restaurants dont offer flavors, so i get club soda/seltzer with lime.

HEART2HOME Posts: 564
3/3/10 7:26 A

Yes, I would say that it's similar to a creme soda--you may need to adjust the vanilla extract and stevia (or splenda) though.:-)

JMFOGARTY11 Posts: 861
3/2/10 10:35 P

Earth Juice(water!) I had a bad addiction for Diet Pepsi Vanilla for a couple least a half a 12 pack a day (at least! - & thankfully I lived out where you couldn't just run to the "corner" for a Big Gulp type of drink!!!) creme soda too & there is a local store that has has their own brand of diet creme soda (I will mix it with a diet Coke or diet Pepsi, too or diet orange or diet grape...!!!) your alternative sounds very good to it like a creme soda? I am over my addiction, but I still like a soda every once in a while. Every now & then I really like Crystal Light or Kool-aid made with Splenda (Kool-aid or the stores keep dropping the flavors I like!!!!!) Target has their store brand like Crystal Light and one flavor is grape..very good. I also have done the restaurant "lemonade"'s a good one! Sorry to ramble on...

TNKELSE Posts: 252
3/1/10 8:38 P

I've started doing the water lemon and Splenda lemonade at restaurants. I am allergic to other artificial sweeteners and most restaurants don't carry Diet Coke with Splenda. I really is very yummy.

ONMYWAY2125 Posts: 115
3/1/10 3:01 P

Crystal Light Sunrise Orange is my favorite!

KMBRADY Posts: 1,851
3/1/10 11:10 A

I drink Diet Tonic water with sugar free flavored syrups like pineapple, cherry, raspberry, blueberry etc. It fits the bill for me for both pop or an alchoholic beverage when I have a crave.

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3/1/10 10:20 A

I am the opposit, I can't drink soda because I don't burp at all and the gas gets trapped so bad it goes into my intestines and OUCH!!

TWOPUTT1 Posts: 2
3/1/10 6:13 A

I too like to have some carbonation with my drink with meals. Five years ago I started drinking the flavored Poland Spring Waters. It did take a little getting used to. Now, I rarely drink soda and would much rather have a club soda with lemon, seltzer or spring water with meals.

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2/28/10 5:51 P




HEART2HOME Posts: 564
2/28/10 4:11 P

Thanks Gretchen, that will be good for my son and husband---unfortunately, I like the carbonation and don't find non-carbonated drinks as satisfying. :-(

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2/28/10 3:27 P

In my favorites you will find a homemade Gatoraid recipe if you want to give that a try.

HEART2HOME Posts: 564
2/28/10 1:37 P

I have had an addiction to Pepsi for several years now. No matter how hard I've tried, I haven't been able to give it up. For some reason, diet soda just doesn't help me and neither did plain soda water.
I recently read an article where The Biggest Loser contestants were interviewed and one of them said she was able to curb her desire for soda by drinking soda water with stevia and vanilla extract added.
I wasn't sure of the quantities but I played with it and this is what I ended up with. For some reason it's an acceptable substitute for me and I thought it might help someone else out there who is struggling with soda addiction like me.

12 oz plain soda water
1 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
1 pkg. stevia

This is how I liked it but obviously you can add more/less of the vanilla and stevia (or you can use Splenda or some other no calorie sweetener instead).
I hope someone else benefits from this like I have. :-)

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