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TRYINGHARD54 Posts: 5,292
11/28/12 5:54 A

thank you for all the good suggestions..

11/28/12 5:51 A

*Sugar free pudding cup (Hunts are the best and only $1.00 for 4)
*String cheese (with one carb, 12 grams, whole grain crackers)
*Peanut butter on whole grain Crackers (low fat Triscuts and try PB2)
*no sugar added hot cocoa (I love Swiss Miss)
*Turkey breast with one slice high fiber bread
*1/2 cup low fat, low sugar yogurt (Greek) like Yoplait 100 (Lime has best nutrition)
*popcorn (air popped or measure oil) in appropriate serving size for your carb count
It takes time to get adjusted to life as a diabetic. I test my blood a lot as a way of control! My insurance allows it and it is a way to make sure you are on track! I have been type 2 for over 10 will get it! Good Luck! If I can help, just let me know!

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
11/27/12 11:24 P

my dad is a diabetic glad i got some ideas from this link

ETHELMERZ Posts: 20,296
11/27/12 10:49 P

The recipes on this site are good, or go to the diabetes org site. Get a referral to a dietitian, that is what helped us the most. It ain't fun nor easy in our culture, but you learn to live with simpler choices.

NSMANN Posts: 979
11/27/12 10:10 P

frozen grapes

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/27/12 7:30 P

as long as the carbs on these items fit within your plan for the day:

dry-roasted nuts
hummus with veggies (carrots, tomatoes, celery)
high-fiber, low GI fruits
fresh salsa
pumpkin or sunflower seeds
lunch meat/sausages
skim milk (I put coffee and Splenda in mine :) )
peanut or other nut butters
hard-boiled egg

Hmmm...I don't snack much anymore. I drink massive quantities of herbal tea instead.

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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11/27/12 7:09 P

You know I am not diabetic but I have found that eating along the lines of the Diabetes association recommendations is a great and easy way to stay on track.....especially with the no sugar aspect

KELLY_SP SparkPoints: (138,675)
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11/27/12 7:07 P


If you haven't searched our recipe site, there are some really great recipes that I was able to find simply searching with the word diabetes.

Good luck reaching your goals!

Be well,

NOTTHATSKINNY SparkPoints: (249)
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11/27/12 2:15 P

Ive been diabetic for about two years now and well, not been so good at it!
I'd really like to have a good group of snack ideas that are simple and easy to pull from. When I try to do well with eating I usually end up I a rut of eating the same foods because they are what I know. I'd like variety to help me stay on track. Any ideas?!

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