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10/8/10 9:36 A

If you're not feeling well, you really should lay off any exercise until you're better. Exercising when you're sick could do one of two things. One, it might make you feel better. If you have a stuffy nose, the exercise could open up your nasal passages. However, if you feel fatigued, have aches, pains and that sore throat, then you need to lay off because the exercise will make you feel worse.

It's just not productive to work out when you're sick. If you go to the gym, you're going to make everyone else around you sick when you pass around your germs. That's no good.

You will not derail any of your weight loss efforts if you take a couple of days off to rest. You'll recover quicker if you do. Remember, you didn't gain the weight overnight. It's not coming off overnight. So, taking a couple of days off is really not going to have a huge impact on your weight.

If you see a major gain/loss, it's a water weight fluctuation, not a true fat gain/loss.

You've got to learn to take care of your body. So, if you don't feel well, it's okay to rest. When you're better, you can slow return to your regular routine. Now, if you feel you have a bit of energy and want to do something, take a walk. The fresh air will do you some good.

Otherwise, it really is okay to rest.

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10/8/10 9:28 A

Do you have access to a pool? If so and you can lap swim, try doing that at a VERY easy pace.

If you can't lap swim, just move around doing things like squats, and jumping jacks, and high knee running intervals in the shallow end. Then maybe move to the deep end for a bit and tread water if you can and you have the energy.

The key is to get you moving to get your blood flowing but not to exhaust yourself. You want to go easy so your body can recover, but moving a little has always made me feel better. Just don't overdo it! Make sure to spend lots of time going underwater and blowing out of your nose. Being underwater helps clear the sinuses and makes you feel better.

If you don't have access to a pool, I'd suggest going on a nice, slow stroll. Just do something to get your body moving, but don't worry about your target heart rate or anything like that. Nurture your body and give it the rest it needs. After that, I'd suggest taking a nice, long bath! If you have any essential oils use a couple of drops in the bath water or light a refreshing strongly scented candle. Peppermint and Eucalyptus help clear the sinuses.

Don't forget to stretch! If you can't find energy to bounce around a pool or go for a walk, you can at least stretch VERY GENTLY for a little while. If you do any yoga you can try doing a gentle yoga warm up. Nothing too hard because your body isn't warm and you might hurt yourself if you push too hard. I hope you feel better!

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Sleep it off. Not only because it's not healthy to try and force it when you've got that kind of illness going on, but I'm thinking with the way you're feeling, if you're forcing yourself to work out, by the time you do get healthier (which will take longer if you don't let your body rest) you'll hate exercising even more because you "had" to do it while you were ill.

It's just like how people need to rest when they are injured. Our bodies can't handle that much pressure, at least not in a healthy kind of way.

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10/8/10 9:15 A


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10/7/10 6:02 P


I've felt that way too. Believe me!

My Dr told me that when you exercise the deep breathes carry the bacteria, disease, infection, deeper into your lungs and cause you a worse set back and illness.

Give your self a break.


Then health.

The exercise.
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10/7/10 5:54 P


Having a goal is great, however, when you are sick with these types of symptoms, it may not be a bad idea to take some time off to allow your body to recover from this bug.

I hope you feel better soon and know that this journey should be a lifestyle so that missing a few days due to illness should not have an effect on your success.


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10/7/10 4:23 P

I finally got back on the exercise horse 2 days ago and woke up sick as a DOG today. Headache, fever, bad cough, and sore throat. The problem is, I committed myself to exercise atleast 15 mins a day NO MATTER WHAT. I know 15 mins doesn't sound like much, but the way I am feeling, it sounds like an eternity. Any good ideas to get in some quick calorie burning without killing myself? I'm afraid if I start skipping days this early in my new found motivation that I will slack off more. Help! emoticon

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