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12/9/10 9:22 A

If you don't have the energy for them, either build it with time or find a different workout. Fueling your body properly with good food and proper amounts of sleep will go a long way as well. Make sure you're eating enough too.

Enough with the pills and potions already. Good health takes work, dedication, and time. If you can't invest that, then why bother?

FITFABME2 Posts: 3,944
12/9/10 1:00 A

Alive! Multivitamin for women -- LOVE IT! I went off caffeine entirely cold turkey a little over a month ago and just started this about a week ago. OMG - I feel so much energy (the reason I took caffeine/tea in the first place) but no jitters and I can sleep. This stuff is a wonder drug - but not a drug - all natural, just fruit and veggie based...and no, I don't work for Nature's Way, the manufacturer.

KAYEMM3 Posts: 1,577
12/9/10 12:39 A

Thank you guys, so much! I struggle, in general, with I think I'll just take my B vitamins + a multivitamin. :]

SCOTT1616 Posts: 27
12/3/10 4:28 P

Your best bet... to be completely honest... A good quality multivitamine. Preferably one that is a 2 a day not a 1 a day.

B-vitamins especially are important to your energy levels... B1 and B2 Metabolize carbohydrates, B^ metabolizes proteins and fats... and the most important for your purposes is B12 metabolizes fat and cellular energy.

Don't buy just the b's though as they are reliant on other nutrients for absorbtion. A decent multivitamin from a health store (not a centrum please) and you'll be good.

Best of luck

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12/2/10 8:51 A

Hi Kayemm3 - I can't tell you if it's "normal" to feel like you're dying and your lungs hurt... but I'm kind of hoping it's typical! I have my fingers crossed that Santa will bring me TurboFire for Christmas and I'm very much hoping it'll kick my butt like you describe! :-)

Like the previous posters, I just don't feel it's a great idea to take pills or supplements that are supposed to give you an energy boost. Either you'll be wasting your money on something that doesn't really work, or maybe you'll find something that does work - but then what, will you be dependent on it for energy? I don't like either of those scenarios. Better to push yourself - within reason! - and see how you can adapt and get more energy from within. I'm sure you will, if you stick at it.

You'll know if you're pushing yourself too hard, because there's a big different between feeling like you're dying halfway through or immediately after a workout, versus feeling really tired and drained all day afterwards/ the next day. The former is fine (excellent, in fact, cos it means you're getting a great workout); the latter probably means you're going too hard, too soon and you need more rest.

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12/2/10 6:06 A

You get more energy by expending energy.

You are starting a new, challenging workout. Give yourself time to work up to completing the workout, you don't need useless pills.

KAYEMM3 Posts: 1,577
12/2/10 12:01 A

I just tried the HIIT 15, and I loved it, but I was dying after I was done doing the first drill 3 times, and my lungs hurt. Is that normal, when starting the program? I feel like I'd benefit from an energy pill, unless I start unlocking more energy, the more I do it.

ALSEBETE Posts: 2,345
12/1/10 11:11 P

For what it is worth, I am doing turbo fire and do not think that you need any energy pills for it. To paraphrase Chalene Johnson, the energy comes from your state of mind and belief that you can do it. Everyone is different though and I don't mean any disrespect. Hope you love the turbo fire workouts when you start!

KAYEMM3 Posts: 1,577
12/1/10 10:57 P

I'm going to start doing Turbo Fire very soon, but I know I DO NOT have enough energy, naturally, to use them. I'm also really sensitive to there any pills out there that work, that help with high intensity workouts?

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