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3/4/13 11:03 P

Thank you for the suggestions. I have thought of trying the Leslie Sansone DVDs but never acted. I think my mom did these when she first started to get fit.

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3/3/13 1:54 P

The Leslie Sansone DVD's are great for beginners as they are primarily marching in place with a few easy variations -- no fancy dance moves involved. Some of her routines are just the walking in place with a few arm movements thrown in. Others include walking in place with hand weights, walking in place with use of a resistence band, etc.

You can preview many of her DVD's for free at the website. (I have no association with that website other than being an ocassional customer.) You might also find some at your public library that you could check out and try for free.

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3/3/13 1:04 P

I really like the sparkpeople videos, actually. I also have a belly dance DVD that I enjoy doing. I am most deflinatly NOT the most coordinated person ever, but it sure is fun! And when I don't want to do videos I'll go out and walk. I consider that my "me" time and really enjoy it, especially on breaks at work.

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3/3/13 11:51 A

Can anyone recommend any good cardio workout videos for a beginner coming off the couch? I have two left feet so cardio videos frustrate me pretty easy but I'm trying to work on that.
The more suggestions the better!

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