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3/7/13 4:57 A

Leslie Sansone

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3/6/13 11:04 P

Tony Little Easy Shaper DVD has a workout that is done sitting on a chair. The DVD has four workouts and includes the Easy Shaper.

The Easy Shaper is a type of resistant band; it is a great tool!
It is sold by HSN and can be returned after a month if you do not like it.
The cost for both the resistant band and the DVD is $29.99

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3/6/13 9:08 P

I do have a resistance band Andy doctor is encouraging me to work my problem is I don't have the money for a copay for physical therapy, I'll have to google exercises with a resistance band

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3/6/13 9:02 P

Yes, SarahD33!!

I am currently healing from double knee surgery and doing PT. Ask your doctor if they can put the term "metabolic therapy" on your prescription and the PT will work with you and easy on your knees.

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3/6/13 3:42 P

Get a referral to a physical therapist from your doc! A physical therapist can help you to design a knee-friendly, yet appropriately challenging exercise plan.

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3/6/13 3:29 P

Did your doctor give the all clear for doing exercise ? Ideally, a person should always check with their doctor before starting an exercise program.

However, if your doctor has given you the all clear for exercise, then you might try a daily walk. Can you walk without any pain or discomfort to your knees ? If so, start with a daily walk. Doctors will tell you that a 30 minute brisk walk each day can reduce your risk for heart disease by over 30%.

If you find it difficult to walk, do you have access to a pool ? Swimming or water aerobics could be something you could do. being in the water takes stress off a person's joints.

Do you have a gym membership ? If so, try the recumbent cycle. That's the stationary bike you peddle in a reclined position. You may find that less stress on the knees too.

If you can't stand for long periods, then sit in a chair and do upper body strength exercises with resistance bands or hand weights. Work your upper body muscles if you can't work your lower body ones.

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3/6/13 2:44 P

I need help, I have arthritis in my knees at a young age and I am having trouble finding good workouts that do not use machines that are easy on my knees. does anyone have a good suggestion?

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