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11/12/09 10:46 A

I tried putting 1 tsp. each of cinnamon & unsweetened baking cocoa in with the coffee grounds this morning and then added 2% milk to the brewed coffee. It tasted great! I'm definitely going to keep this up! Now my coffee only has about 35 calories instead of 120!

BLUEPLATE Posts: 655
11/11/09 12:35 P


I find it depends on the kind of coffee I'm using! I used to use regular evaporated milk, which whitened any coffee nicely, but it had more like 40 calories.

The lowfat stuff doesn't lighten really heavy coffee well at all, but with lighter blends it does okay. There's also nonfat evaporated milk, but while it's still creamier than milk, it barely lightens the coffee at all!

And to whoever posted it, I *love* the idea of putting cinnamon in with the coffee in the filter! What a good idea!

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11/11/09 11:46 A

Wow these are great ideas! I'm definitely going to have to try some of these. I don't think I could hack black coffee... I like to put about 1/4 cup of creamer into 14 oz. coffee. So, using the Coffeemate it's adding about 120 calories a day onto the tab.

Hopefully I can find one of these low-cal options to be a suitable substitute! Thanks for all the suggestions (and definitely keep them coming if you have more ideas!)

ANEWMELI Posts: 822
11/11/09 10:47 A

You could try 2 tablespoons fat free half and half with some sugar free vanilla syrup... it should give the same flavor, with only 25-30 calories!!

11/11/09 9:32 A

I put cinnamon, almond milk, and a touch of vanilla extract into my morning coffee. It is delicious. emoticon

POPSGRYL63X Posts: 808
11/10/09 10:12 P

I use Fat Free (2 Tblsp) Half & Half w/fat free milk

MLONDON87 Posts: 1,300
11/10/09 9:52 P

I use the Torani Sugar Free syrups (0 calories per serving) and a splash of nonfat milk. Works for me because I definitely don't want to give up my coffee.

11/10/09 9:51 P

so i just started throwing teaspoon of cinnamon in the coffee maker right in the filter there and ive tried gingerspice nutmeg combos, its awesome no calories tastes like a starbucks but i can just mix up some flavours for something a bit different and use my 2% milk.

ooh and we put a teaspoon of bakers unsweetened chocolate, it didnt make the the coffee taste chocolaty but it was velvet smooth and just seemed to really bring out the natural flavours int he coffee. yumm-o.mmm, good to get weened off the creamer!

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XMELISSA26811 Posts: 286
11/10/09 9:37 P

Coffee mate is very low cal if you just use the serving size. Some people (like myself) like their coffee light and the serving size just isn't enough. Before I switched to the fat free powder, I was getting 105 calories, 5 grams of fat, 15 grams of sugar, and 15 grams of carbs from my coffee mate.

ILOST150POUNDS Posts: 1,662
11/10/09 9:34 P

I weaned myself off creamer completely. It took a long time, but now I only drink it black. If that's not an option for you I'd check out some of the fat free versions.

KOFFEENUT Posts: 28,860
11/10/09 9:33 P

I'm using Land O'Lakes fat free creamer. WAY fewer calories than the 1/2 and 1/2 I was using!

MEGANE2007 SparkPoints: (24,109)
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11/10/09 9:30 P

Are you drinking several cups of coffee or just adding a lot of creamer to one or two cups? I use the fat free french vanilla coffeemate and 1 Tbs is only 25 calories.

XMELISSA26811 Posts: 286
11/10/09 9:21 P

Evaporated milk is a good idea! Does two tablespoons make It light enough though?

BLUEPLATE Posts: 655
11/10/09 9:07 P

I use lowfat (2%) evaporated milk. It's creamier than regular milk, but only has 25 calories in 2 Tbsp.

XMELISSA26811 Posts: 286
11/10/09 9:03 P

I tried the silk soy creamer and ended up with more calories than coffee mate because I had to use so much of It to make my coffee light.

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11/10/09 9:01 P

I will have to try the soy creamer. I love my coffeemate to but it definatly eats up my daily calories. emoticon

FELLE442 Posts: 804
11/10/09 8:58 P

Recently bought Silk Soy Creamer (Light). Its not a bad alternative.

XMELISSA26811 Posts: 286
11/10/09 6:37 P

I had to give up my hazel nut coffee mate for the same reason. I switched to fat free coffee mate powder (no sugar), It's only 30 calories for 1 tablespoon. It not as good my hazel nut liquid creamer, but It's not bad either.

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11/10/09 6:31 P

I love to drink my daily cup of coffee, but the vanilla flavored creamer in it is sucking up about 150 calories of my daily allotment.

Does anybody have something they've found as a low-calorie substitute for coffee creamer that still tastes good?

There is a fat-free version of my CoffeeMate creamer, but I'm guessing it just has added sugar because it has the exact same amount of calories in it as the regular stuff.

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