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1/27/12 11:02 A

College kids want fast & fatty. So teach them a few tricks to a fast meal without too much fat. For example, vegetables (either frozen or fresh) with shrimp seasoned with a couple of herbs and spices then microwave everything together for 8 minutes.

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1/24/12 1:51 P

Cooking with planned leftovers is a GREAT way to eat healthy in college. An example...

Day 1 - roast a chicken (rinse, pat dry, sprinkle with garlic salt & basil). Roast 15 minutes at 450 in a foil lined pan, 30 minutes at 400 (then cut into the skin by the legs), then 40 minutes in a 350 degree oven. Use a meat thermometer to make sure it is cooked thoroughly.

Day 2 - leftover chicken gets shredded and heated in a pan with salsa, served in a low carb/low cal veggie wrap this is a nutritious on-the-go lunch or dinner. Freeze remaining chicken for chicken salad or fajitas to use later.

Day 3 - cover chicken bones with water, simmer with onions, garlic, herbs and a little bouillon to make a delicious stock. Add in veggies and you have more meals either to eat then, or freeze for later meals.

You can do the same thing with beef.

Day 1 - make heavy-on-the-veggie kabobs in a light ginger soy sauce

Day 2 - Chop up meat into fine bits, along with veggies, add water and beef bouillon, potatoes, and simmer until you get a rich & hearty stew (also freezes well for later meals)

Chili, BBQ, meatballs are ALL good options as well from a health and cost perspective, as well as ease of cooking. Roasted pork loin is great too (says the mom of a college student who cooks weekly).

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1/22/12 6:13 A

Soup is great. Take a can of veggie broth and add a can of mixed veggies, tomatoes, green beans. Or buy your favorite veggies and add to the broth. After adding all your ingredients simmer with the lid on until the veggies are done.

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1/18/12 2:20 A

I seem to recall eating a lot of savory pancakes when I was in college. Basically, you throw anything in a pan and gently heat the moisture off, then pour an unsweetened pancake or dumpling batter on top of it. Once it is set, you flip the entire mess and decide whether or not you want to top it with cheese. I usually went with frozen green beans and a drizzle of ketchup. I cannot recall if I lidded the pan at any points. (I think it started out as bisquick-topped pot pie and I just made it quicker and smaller.)

My favorite recipe is to get similar-sized cans of tomatoes and beans. Dump both into your cooking vessel then add one canful of rice and two canfuls of water. (Adjust for different types of rice than white longgrain.) Flavor with Louisiana hot sauce or some other form of red pepper like paprika. This can be stovetop, microwave, oven, or rice cooker depending on how you make rice.

Tofu is freezable. Just divide up the block and pull out what you want ahead of time. Frozen vegetables are also great. What you can do is make quick stir-fry and eat them with whole-wheat spaghetti or noodles.

There is a sauce I make for small bits of chicken, but it should work with tofu. Basically it's v8, peanut butter, and hot sauce. Throw in something green like peas, green beans, or spinach. This is great with dried-up leftover rice.

The day after you've been to the store, take a tortilla and spread it with refried beans. Then wrap it around whatever fresh vegetables you have. Actually, your eating will probably fall into a cycle of fresh right after the store to what stores well.

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1/17/12 9:03 P

So I recently got into cooking more, and I've been off my diet for a while now, but I was looking for some new recipes, so I figured, why not SparkPeople?

I would like some good recipes that don't require a whole lot of ingredients. I have a full kitchen and such, and I have the time to make a good meal every once in a while, but I don't know many recipes and the recipes I looked up don't seem too practical unless I plan on going to the grocery store several times a week.

If anyone knows any easy recipes, that'd be great. Also, I'm vegetarian, so no meat please! Thank you ^_^

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