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LINCHRA Posts: 201
7/16/10 11:07 A

Craisins, trail mix, crackers, plain air-popped popcorn, small cups of applesauce (they come in a bunch of flavors now), bananas, apples, dry cereal, low cal protein bars

SEJULY Posts: 294
7/16/10 10:32 A

I keep pumpkin seeds, whole wheat crackers, and peanut butter in my snack drawer at work. I have to divide the crackers into single servings ahead of time, otherwise I might eat the entire package thru mindless munching.

TISHAR1022 Posts: 68
7/16/10 10:20 A

I keep trail mix, string cheese and celery in my lunch box for a quick snack in my lunch box. It is important to plan ahead. On Sundays I pre bag my trail mix and cut a couple days of celery. So all I have to do is grab what I want and put it into my lunch box.

NOW_IM_IT Posts: 4,508
7/15/10 7:08 P

I love the Planters Chili-Lime Almonds, just divide up portions into zip lock bags.

Also Kellog's Nutragrain bars-I just started buying the cherry-pomegranate ones & they're great!

Another thing I just bought are those little boxes of raisins-they taste good plus make me feel like a kid again :)


NIRERIN Posts: 14,299
7/15/10 6:55 P

they make shelf stable applesauce [i love the mott's healthy harvest or just the store brand apples and water only kind] as well as pear sauce. but if you have some extra time on a shopping trip one time, check out the aisle that has the lunch stuff for kids. they make tons of shelf stable options in small packages, and while you have to do some label reading, there are tons of options depending on your likes and needs.

GARYJAN SparkPoints: (14,711)
Fitness Minutes: (1,270)
Posts: 539
7/15/10 5:30 P

Some good ideas on here and I plan to make some snacks into little containers as nuts in particular can have many calories and I love them.

SUEJENN Posts: 837
7/15/10 5:23 P

Raw seed snacks

organic apple and nuts- I measure out unsalted nuts into 1 oz snack bags. When I know I am going to be out of the house for awhile I take some with me.

BENKNOBEE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,857)
Posts: 9
7/15/10 5:06 P

I do happen to have a insulated bag, but I find it hard to remember to pack snacks before going to work. I have five kids and it is often pretty crazy in the mornings.

I appreciate all the suggestions. I plan to try some of them next week.

-POOKIE- Posts: 22,524
7/15/10 5:04 P

Fruit pots in natural juice as well, they dont need to go in fridge :)

7/15/10 4:50 P

Any kind of healthy-ish crunchy snack (whole-grain pretzels, crackers, etc.). I also love to snack on dulse - it's a sea vegetable that is very salty/savory but very nutritious.

Is it possible for you to get a small insulated bag? That way you could have perishables on hand too.

DANARAE882 Posts: 255
7/15/10 4:43 P

I keep granola bars in my desk drawer for a snack in a pinch! Also apples are great to have handy!

TOMMYKJR Posts: 11,114
7/15/10 3:00 P

Greek God yogurt and psyllium husk

MOCACHOC SparkPoints: (64,731)
Fitness Minutes: (47,071)
Posts: 3,127
7/15/10 1:53 P

Cheerios, Kashi cereal, raisins, fruits, pickles, 100 cal snacks,

7/15/10 12:04 P

Frosted mini-wheats are a nice substitute for a sweet snack too... bring in a baggie with a cup of cereal and eat dry. A little sweetness with lots of fiber and whole grain.

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WINDLEG Posts: 556
7/14/10 7:48 P

I keep pre-portioned servings of dry cereal, almonds, crackers, dried cranberries, fresh fruit (apples and oranges), a jar of peanut butter, and sugar free hard candy in my office in a sealed tub. Nice to have on hand!

COCO19851 Posts: 68
7/14/10 5:54 P

I ate some raisin bran as a snack today. Just brought a little plastic baggie and kept it at my desk. :)

7/14/10 5:30 P

Pears, oranges and apples don't need to be refrigerated (at least for a few days). You could fit a little tiny string cheese in the fridge (write your name on the wrapper). :)

I agree on the unsalted nuts (almonds, cashews) and dried fruit (prunes, apricots, etc.). Just make sure you only eat a serving of those at a time, as they are calorie dense.

I have also been known to keep a box of high-fiber crackers in my desk, maybe even peanut butter. Same deal with the portion sizes though.

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-POOKIE- Posts: 22,524
7/14/10 4:58 P

Soynuts are great, even more protein than actual nuts.
Natural fruit/oatmeal bars

7/14/10 4:57 P

I always keep homemade trail mix in my desk.
Dietitian Becky

BENKNOBEE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,857)
Posts: 9
7/14/10 4:27 P

I'm looking for ideas on good snacks to have at the office. I would prefer snacks that do not have to refrigerated, the fridges are already packed by others. Currently I'm eating bananas and dry roasted peanuts.

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