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BAM0827 Posts: 3,023
10/5/11 12:05 P

I wrote a blog about Why I Run back in June

My good running days out number the bad ones now. In fact, I went for a run yesterday and only did 3.5 miles (generally go 4-5) and walked about a mile of it - I just felt off. I'm sure my next run will be fine, though.

Good luck on your running - but I also tell people if they don't like running then don't do it - not everyone has to like it...there's lots of other activities out there.

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10/5/11 11:06 A

A large snarling dog behind me... emoticon

Actually, knowing that it is the best way to shape up and cross train for my sport.

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,827
10/5/11 10:59 A

It de-stresses me. I can think about my thoughts or think about nothing. I feel SO good when I am all done and I am full of sweat and I get to look at my Garmin and see my accomplishment. I see changes in my body because of running. Nice abs and legs. It feels great!

NICK3RD Posts: 7,152
10/5/11 10:55 A

How it makes me feel. A chance for quiet time outside.

10/5/11 10:24 A

If I'm running outside, I like to listen to both podcasts and/or audiobooks to keep my mind busy. Or if I'm stuck on the treadmill, I watch a television show on my ipod.

It can be tough to get started but running provides great benefits!

COWGIRL888 Posts: 6
10/5/11 10:11 A

Hello, Hello!!!

I am a wannabe runner! I am looking for people's advice on how to ENJOY running. Why do you run? What motivates you from day to day? Do you have more good running days than bad?

I have been running steady for about two months now and I am finally starting to understand why people become lifetime runners. I must admit though, I have more bad running days than good!

Please share your advice or experience with me!

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