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MUSTANG95GT Posts: 311
7/1/10 4:10 P

Hi, One of my exercise buddies is a Yoga instructor. We do a short session of Yoga from Rodney Yee DVD's twice a week and she teaches a one-hour session once a week.

MUSTANG95GT Posts: 311
7/1/10 4:06 P

Thanks for your message. We have done Walk Away the Pounds 3 Mile and Walk and Kick. Haven't done them in a while because my exercise buddies prefer Jazzercise. They are all pretty fit. One is in her 70's and she pretty much keeps up with everything but I don't want to get something that is way beyond her abilities.

ITSALMOST30 Posts: 533
7/1/10 4:02 P

Yep, Walk Away the Pounds. However, don't feel TOO limited by your age. I had a 78 year old in my kick boxing class and she made me look like a chump. LOL

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7/1/10 2:58 P

Peggy Cappy Yoga for the Rest of Us DVD. it's gentle yoga for everyone. Not only is it important to get some regular cardiovascular exercise, it's important to get in some strength and flexibility training too.

Yoga will help increase the range of motion in your joints. It will also help you to improve your balance as well as your coordination. That will help reduce your risk for injury.

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7/1/10 2:47 P

Leslie Sansone - walk away the pounds would be perfect.

JGLVAM Posts: 263
7/1/10 12:43 P

Leslie Sansone has some good walking dvds that arent too intense.. everyone can do it :)

7/1/10 12:41 P

Leslie Sansone Walk away the Pounds. There are a bunch of them from a one mile to 5 miles and everything in between.

LISA667 Posts: 301
7/1/10 12:16 P

My mom- who is 73- loves Denise Austen. She taped a bunch of shows from cable and does one everyday. She is in great shape.
Maybe you can get some from Ebay or try that's great website to get books and things very cheaply!

MUSTANG95GT Posts: 311
7/1/10 12:09 P

Can anyone recommend good exercise DVD's for a group of ladies who are all 60+ years old? We are all in good physical condition with no medical problems to speak of. None of us are more than slightly overweight. We are now using old Jazzercise audio cassette tapes. They work really well as they give you a good workout but are not so fast and complicated that you can't keep up with the steps. I would like to get some variety in our workouts. I can't find anymore Jazzercise tapes so I need some suggestions. Thanks!

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