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2/10/13 10:18 P

THANK YOU to everyone for your support!! I moved 1,000 miles (18 hours) away from home on my own for this job, so that also makes it hard. But I am determined that while it was a Christian school, even if they were less than perfect examples of Christians in how this situation was handled (don't get me started lol), I have a God who is going to take care of me and see me through this :)

I'm mostly positive (I have my moments, but who wouldn't) and I've been applying for anything and everything from retail to back to teaching.

I found out that one of my close friends there is also on suspension most likely ending in termination tomorrow for a similar "lifestyle."

Again, I REALLY appreciate all of the support. :) :)

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2/10/13 1:07 P


I'm sorry that you've been let go from your teaching position. Keep an eye open on the teacher job listings. Right about now, many schools are looking for people. It's because many teachers quit just after the Christmas break. So don't give up hope ! there are other jobs out there for teachers.

Also, I've read about many people who've been fired from religious schools for similar reasons or infractions of the rules. If the school has a policy, they have to abide by that policy. Most religious schools are private institutions. That means they can let someone go (legally) if that person doesn't abide by their rules.

And well, there are lots of jobs that have "morals" clauses. So, while dating someone may seem perfectly innocent to us, to the school it may have been a violation of their morals clause. Some schools are pretty strict about things like that.

Hang in there ! It stinks to lose a job you really enjoy, but there are other schools out there who will appreciate a good teacher like you.

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ATHENA1966 Posts: 4,003
2/10/13 10:39 A

I am so sorry that this has happened to you. It is wrong! I believe in God, but this kind of occurrence is what turns people off to worshiping. As another said, this will open doors for you, although it is hard to see that now. I'm sure those kiddos are missing you as much as you miss them. I believe in my heart that things happen for a reason. Take care.

WATCHMEGO! Posts: 3,935
2/10/13 10:13 A

I am so very sorry this happened to you! I agree that subbing in a PUBLIC school system is a good idea. I'm not sure how big a city/town you live in but you do have options. I have taught for a large urban public school district for 25 years and my school is always looking for good subs and 9 times out of 10 if there is an opening it will go to one of them. It's a great way to show potential employers how you run a class, manage the bajillion things a teacher has to manage.

Try to focus on things you can control.


MISSRUTH Posts: 4,308
2/10/13 9:43 A

In the US it is also illegal to discriminate. However, this is a private school she's talking about. If they don't receive federal funding, presumably they can have their own rules. However silly they may seem.

I find it disappointing that they didn't warn you somewhere along the line, about what they didn't like about what you were doing/who you were seeing. Most places have a handbook or something, that spells out appropriate dress, behavior etc. If not a contract. There are many different Christian religions in the US with varying degrees of what is or is not acceptable. Church of Christ is waaaaay different than Church of God, for example. Or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Bottom line-- I hope you find something that is a better fit for you. When one door closes, another one will open. Sometimes we just have to spend a little time in the hallway, waiting for it. And I always try to use that time wisely.

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2/9/13 9:04 P

WOW - I am totally gobsmacked!! In NZ it is illegal to discriminate on grounds of religion, ethnicity, age and gender.

I certainly hope that you find employment, AND in the field that you obviously enjoy.

Take care, and BIG hugs,

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2/9/13 8:20 P

Sorry to hear this. Who are these pious perfect people who sit on the board that can pass judgement? In this day and age its abhorrent that these kind of Salem Witch Hunts exist. You WILL find a job in a normal school district--do not let these do-gooders make you feel guilty or unworthy.

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2/9/13 1:29 P

I'm sorry you lost your job for such a ridiculous reason! You're a grown woman for crying out loud! What's interesting is probably half of your students have parents who are "living that lifestyle"....absolutely ridiculous.

seems like a lot of places are just looking for reasons to fire people, and perhaps if the economy wasn't in such terrible shape, it might not have even mattered to them what you do in your personal life.
It's probably best if you look for a job at a public school. They legally can't discriminate against you for something so petty.

2/9/13 11:30 A

Gah! That's terrible. That sort of intolerance is inexcusable!

Go find a good, PUBLIC school position, with the STATE. They won't discriminate against you.


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2/9/13 11:08 A

I am so sorry you lost your job. I hope this opens the door for you to find a position in which you are not judged so harshly. You did nothing wrong. The fault lies with them and their attitudes and I'm sure those kids are the ones who will really lose out.

I hope subbing and tutoring can tide you over until you find a more suitable position, one in which you cannot be fired for having a boyfriend.

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2/9/13 10:59 A

so sorry.

i hope that you will be able to find another teaching job where things like who you date aren't an issue.

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2/9/13 10:12 A

This has been the worst week EVER.

Tuesday, I was put on suspension from my job (I'm a 4th grade teacher) and I sat at home waiting for a call from my principal for a follow-up meeting.

Thursday I went back for said meeting and was let go from my position. This was all due to reasons of (I taught at a Christian school) my personal life not being transparent to the rest of the staff/admin, and dating someone who did not go to church with me.

Due to the fact that he does not attend church with me, I see him alone in my apartment or his, and we spend time one-on-one, I am guilty of living a non-Biblical lifestyle because "that looks so bad."

This is probably the WORST thing that's ever happened, and I didn't even get to say goodbye to my kids and THAT is absolutely heartbreaking.


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