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12/16/13 4:44 P

I have one thing to add based on what you said in your OP: start with a warm up, like 5 minutes of walking or slower running. Stretch when you are finished. Stretching cold muscles is not smart. emoticon For a visual, think of what might happen to a frozen rubber band if you pull it.

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12/16/13 11:45 A

ARCHIMEDESII - Thank you. I have found a running store that assess you before you buy, so they watch you run, walk, jump, and more. I've heard great things about them so I'm going to check them out this weekend. That was my problem last time around...i went running in $20 walmart shoes lol

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12/16/13 11:13 A


If you have decided that you'd like to start running, one thing I'm going to encourage you to do is buy a decent pair of running shoe. Don't wear any old shoe. Wearing the wrong shoes can cause a bunch of different problems with your feet, ankles, knees and hips. Go to a reputable running or sports store to be fitted for a proper pair of shoes. Because most problems and injuries can be traced back to ill fitting or old shoes.

If you're not sure what to buy, you might read this article. it has enough information to get you started.

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12/16/13 10:15 A

Thanks! I paced myself today. I did 30 seconds run/60seconds walk. I was able to do 3 miles and not have any bad pains :). I figure I'll keep this up and slowly change it the other way around as the weeks/months progress for less walking more running

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12/16/13 1:56 A

June would probably give you a better chance of success. If you have had running injuries in the past, ramping up the mileage too fast could be extra risky. I think the rule of thumb is adding no more than 10% a week. So maybe start with short distances and add from there.

If you have relatively good fitness from the taebo, couchto5k might be too easy/boring for you. I have really liked the training plans from Hal Higdon, and Matt Fitzgerald. They both have books (Marathon by Hal Higdon, and Brain Training for Runners by Matt Fitzgerald are the books that I found helpful) and Hal has his plans on his website for free with changes to the plans based on starting fitness levels.

Feel free to message me if you would like a spark running talk buddy! (I'm training for my first marathon in early march!)

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12/15/13 11:36 P

Thanks guys for the great answers. I'll for sure start that program. Also, i found out the half marathon registration is over so it'll work out better for me to find something around June.

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12/15/13 10:51 P

The others have given you some great advice. I'll just echo that a program like Couch to 5k would be a great way to build up your running gradually and reduce the risk of injury. You'll definitely want to stick to no more than 3 days a week. And as M@L said, February is too soon to go from just starting to run to a half marathon. Look for one in June or July--that should give you time to train safely and be properly prepared for the distance.

Good luck and have fun with it!

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12/15/13 10:07 P

The impact of running is hard on the body, and it takes a long time for your leg muscles and tendons to adapt to the impact.

I'd strongly recommend a Couch to 5K plan as the best way to get into running. These programs work through progressively increasing intervals of running and walking, and allow your body enough time to adapt to the stresses and impact of running.

The gradual nature of these programs significantly reduces the risk of injury or shin splints that you have experienced before.

Most experts recommend adding 10% to your distance each week, which allows you to double your distance every 8 weeks or so.

It is also generally recommended that rookie runners keep their running to just 3 days per week, which fits pretty well with your intended workout program.

There's nothing wrong with the goal of a half marathon, but you will need to allow a time frame of about 6 months for it, rather than February.


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12/15/13 9:23 P

I'll tackle several of your questions. Most people on these boards would recommend a form of a Couch to 5k program which integrates walking and running to build up your endurance. Even if you're in great shape from Tae-Bo, you're not in running shape. Take it slow and allow time for your muscles, joints, bones, heart and lungs to get used to running. You might be able to start mid-way through the program, but definitely take it easy at first.

The shin splints could likely be the result of your shoes. Head to a running store to be properly fitted for shoes.

Stretching is not necessary before running, but extremely valuable afterward. You could warm up at home, or just start out with a light jog (or walk).

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12/15/13 8:40 P

I'm going to start running tomorrow for exercise in addition to my tae-bo aerobics. I will be doing it every other day, so like M,W,F, with tae-bo Tues, Thurs, Sat. This is my problem. Last time (3-4 years ago) I picked up running I severely strained my meniscus and took myself out of exercising completely. I don't want that to happen again. I am wanting to train for a half marathon in February. This will be a little over 13 miles. I need tips, advice, and words of wisdom for starting out. I was considering doing 3 miles each time I run, and increase by 1 lap each week to work myself up to 6 miles. The last time I ran I remember I would get sharp pains in my shins, any ways to avoid this? Also should I do a warm up exercise at home before hand or would it be okay to just get to the track, stretch a bit, and take off?

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