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1/26/14 7:44 A

If your the mixologist consider keeping a sparkling beverage next to you and drink from that. Just say your not mixing your alcohols or you are just sticking to one type of drink. If you have the points and want to add a shot of vodka to your beverage, one will not hurt you. Remember you can have and be fun without overindulging in alcohol. emoticon

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1/25/14 6:33 P

It's also worth mentioning that I'm usually the one making drinks at these parties since they're usually pretty tasty :P It's sometimes hard to say no to people when you're the one mixing the shots and cocktails!

LOVEISMUSIC24 SparkPoints: (2,394)
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1/25/14 6:31 P

I like the idea of bringing a healthy dish! Maybe a veggie platter!

To answer the question about last time - I ate light prior to the party. Oatmeal in the morning. Salmon, Baby Spinach, Tomatoes and Balsamic Dressing for lunch. I tried to keep everything basic since I knew the party was happening later in the day. Here's what was at the party:
-Chili with about half a pound of cheddar cheese
-Rice & Beans (I was mostly eating this since it was what was making my stomach feel better once I got sick)
-Sausage Bread
-Braised Pork
-Banana Cake

Yeah I know that food is pretty bad for you. I ate a small taste of everything minus the cupcakes, chips, and pretzels and got a painful stomachache. I had one cup of sangria. I drank some water and wasn't feeling much better but once I started eating rice I started to feel a bit better.

I think this time around I'll eat a full meal prior to the party and only eat the party food if I get hungry. I'll try to keep water around too and listen to my body when it comes to the alcohol. Alcohol doesn't normally make me sick and I've only had a hangover if I don't drink enough water between drinks.

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1/25/14 3:30 P


How much did you drink last time ? Perhaps that was part of the problem. Were you hung over or just sick ? If you were hung over, I would suggest trying to moderate your alcohol intake. No one says you have to have a drink in your hand to have a good time. It's okay to have one or even two drinks, but feel free to say,"no thank you", if someone keeps offering more. instead ask for mineral water with a twist of lemon or lime. You could even have a soda.

If you ate too much, same thing, don't eat as if food was going to disappear the next day. There will always be chicken wings, nachos, burgers, etc. Pick the things that look really tasty and pass on the rest. Once again, if people keep saying, have more, it really is okay to say no thank you, I've had enough.

What sorts of foods and drinks did you eat the last time ? Think through that menu very carefully. Have you had issues with those types of foods before ? If so, try to avoid them or eat them in extreme moderation. I love pepperoni, but pepperoni doesn't love me anymore. I know exactly how much I can eat before I know I'll be sorry.

What did you eat that morning ? Maybe that was part of the problem too. If you ate a little too much junk in the morning followed by more junk at the party, that too would explain the upset stomach.

I would suggest trying to eat as plainly as possible for the day. Don't eat anything unusual, stick to the basics. I would say, limit your intake of alcohol and try to eat more moderately i.e. watch your portion sizes. Do you drink tea ? I find tea helps settle my stomach when I've been in similar situations.

CHEWYMAMA69 Posts: 718
1/25/14 12:11 P

It is great that you are planning ahead. You might offer to bring an appetizer or two if the party is at someone's house. This would give you healthy options.

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1/25/14 10:49 A

Your plan sounds great. Also, I find that the more others are drinking, the less they notice that you are not keeping up with them. You could also say you have a family thing you have to wake up for the next day so can't be hungover. Finally, have a little fun! Don't beat yourself up if you're having a few drinks and some snacks - it doesn't sound like you how to parties every weekend. emoticon

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1/25/14 9:47 A

So I just got invited to a party (at the end of February). This is an annual party I never miss because it's with some of my closest friends.

It's a birthday party with a ton of drinking and unhealthy food. I'm 24, so this is what people my age pretty much do to celebrate. The problem is, the last party I went to in December, the drinking and even eating a couple of the things my friends brought to eat - my body did not react well. I got extremely sick to my stomach (a really bad stomachache that just ruined the night).

It's my friend's birthday and I want to enjoy myself and partake in the drinking fun. I have been good to my body lately eating mostly veggies, fruits, fish, chicken, and whole grains and I don't mind giving myself a cheat day since I know I don't do it all the time. I know that the food that will be there will most likely be a shock to all the good I've been doing.

Any tips on how I can have a good time without making myself sick in the process? One plan I have is to eat at home beforehand, and drink water between drinking the alcoholic beverages.

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