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KRALLEN1 Posts: 257
1/15/13 10:43 A

When we go out for chinese food its a splurge day. The veggies and rice are good options but the meats have a lot of calories and sodium.

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1/15/13 10:31 A

Only the steamed versions if offered or a salad raw veggies, white rice, peel and eat cold shrimp from the salad bar.. Even most stir frys/veggies are mistaken for "healthier" are soaked in heavy oils used for high heat stir frying, plus much sugar/salt in sauces. Soups are lower calorie but high in sodium. Salmon/baked seafood is usually saturated with a butter sauce to prevent drying. If you are craving Chinese food, eat whatever you want to in moderation as a treat meal. Try focusing your attention to the people/person you are with instead of the food. If you are going to a chain resturant, look on their site for nutritional info, if not try and search for individual items, they also include well known resturants nutritional info. You do not have to be a member to access the nutritional info section, type in what you are looking for.

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1/15/13 10:06 A

Here is a great tool to help you figure out what is healthy on a chinese menu.

It's ww and uses points instead of real numbers, but it will give you the idea of what's healthy and what's not.


SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
1/15/13 9:19 A

I'm not in the "splurge day" camp- I'd rather make daily, healthy, delicious choices instead of wreaking havoc on my body. There are definitely things that you can have that are healthy, especially in a Chinese restaurant.

I would order steamed chicken and broccoli/vegetables with the sauce on the side (love those water chestnuts that some places put in also) and I also skip the rice, or have a serving size of brown rice if you want. I'm getting dreamy just thinking about it.

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1/15/13 8:53 A

I request a plate of raw vegetables, tuna sashimi, and a side of steamed vegetable.

I consider most ethnic foods to be very healthy; it is westernized ethnic foods I avoid.

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1/15/13 8:40 A

I don't necessarily agree with Ethelmerz that ethnic foods aren't very healthy. Obviously you can't go getting deep fried orange chicken or cheese filled enchiladas every time, but there are definitely healthy choices almost anywhere you go. You just have to learn to spot them, or ask for what you want if you don't see it on the menu.

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ETHELMERZ Posts: 20,231
1/14/13 10:17 P

Our dietitian says to only go out for Chinese once every month or so, and eat what you want and call it a "splurge" day, because ethnic foods just arn't very condusive to being healthy and wonderful for weight loss. Same thing with Mexican or Italian food.

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1/14/13 10:11 P

I usually get chicken and broccoli with sauce on the side and skip the rice. I have also recently discovered Pineapple Chicken, which is also fantastic.

You don't have to skip the rice because rice can be a part of a healthy diet. I just skip it because I would rather eat more of the meat and veggies and not waste calories or stomach room on rice.

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1/14/13 10:05 P

I'd go with stir fried or steamed veggies (maybe with some chicken or shrimp), sauce on the side, brown rice. And tea.

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1/14/13 8:33 P

What is the healthiest and tastiest option on a typical american chinese menu?

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