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Don't hesitate to take some of the restaurant food home with you. You and your family can save money by using it for snack food -- and taking some home will help you control your portion size.

There should be plenty of healthy fruits and veggies available in Door County. Take advantage of that and enjoy them -- they're healthy.

Be realistic with your goals. This may not be a week in which you loose 2 pounds. That's OK. Just live healthy and enjoy your vacation. Don't over-indulge. That's good enough. Focus on living healthy and enjoying it. Don't worry about 1 or 2 pounds either way. If you can do that, I'll bet you don't gain more than a pound.

Good luck ... and have fun. I used to live in Green Bay. Door County is beautiful.

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When I eat out in general I just try to watch portions, and try not to get the worst thing on the menu ha... I sometimes split meals with my hubby, or more often my kids. They never eat a full meal anyway. Or take it "home" with you. If you have kids, they are bound to be hungry later... they are always hungry haha

7/20/12 9:56 P

thank you for your advice, does anyone else have any ideas for me?

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7/17/12 11:05 P

I have been thinking a lot about this too because I am going on vacation with my family on August 3; however, we will be eating a lot of lunches in the house we are renting, not just breakfast.
My plan (read: PLAN - I HOPE it works) is to apply what I have learned from the Sparkpeople articles, especially those discussing what to order at various types of restaurants, and to order the most healthy and delicious meals I can find on the menus. I will then eat half of the meal and bring the other half back to the hotel to make for lunch the next day.

So my suggestion would be to... do the same! You said you just joined, so maybe you haven't read the articles yet:

Here is one of them:

You can find others for other types of cuisine.

7/17/12 9:56 P

Hey I just joined spark and I am going to go on vacation on July 28th. I am going to Door County, WI. My family goes every year and we stay there for a week. What I am worried about is eating out. There is a kitchen in the room of our hotel, so I can control my breakfasts, but for all of the other meals I will be eating out at various types of restaurants. I am worried about eating too much and losing my focus on wanting to lose weight. I can excersize in the excersize room, so my main worry is eating out. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you in advance

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