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8/16/13 10:51 P


100cal 1.0 miles 15 min precor stepper machine

Tredmill 67cal .70 miles 15 min

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8/15/13 8:31 P

Back again hopefully for good this time, I hurt my knees awhile back and I guess you could say gave them a good rest.



Min/miles/ calories

35 /1.74/ 178

Lat pull down 4x12 20lbs
Overhead press 4x7 20lbs
Vertical chest 3x10 20 lbs
Bicep curl 3x10 20 lbs

3/21/13 7:19 P

I dont know how to track natulis machines if anyone knows, please tell me, for now I am keeping it here. I hurt my knees doing too much too soon

Carido taking it eady for now
98 cal 18 min bike 5.5 miles

Leg extensions 3 @ 12 reps 1@50lbs 2@ 35 lbs
Vertical chest 3/12@ 55lbs
Over head press 3/12 @ 35 lbs
Lat pull 3/12 @ 65 lbs
Preacher curl 3/12 @ 20 lbs
Seated leg curl 3/12 @50 lbs
Incline press 3/12 @ 20 lbs
Abs 3/12@ 50 lbs

2/28/13 8:51 P

wow! I have found out that a lot of heart rate calculators are different, When I first started working out I did one and found out I should be working in a zone of 145-165 so I have stayed in that range. I found another one that said that range was considered a HEAVY workout for my age of 45. I just found another calculation that says something else totally different emoticon (220-45=175 X.6= 105) .6 being 60% lowest part of my zone and (220-45=175 X.8=140) 80% my highest zone emoticon emoticon emoticon

2/17/13 9:52 A

Well I am kinda bummed today, I am up almost a whole pound! I am trying to not get discouraged because 1 I have been doing bad in the water dept, also I am getting bored of going to the gym I am paying for. Uhg no wonder people quite them oh heck maybe it is muscle, nah because yesterday I stepped on the scale cuz I was so excited and I was down a pound and today up 2. Maybe my body thinks it is PMS I have been kinda irritable and other stuff, i say maybe becuase I have had a hysterectomy but still have my overies. Oh well I am all over the place and that is okay it is my journal... I have been doing so good losing about a pound a week. Really this has happens in the past, when I enter my weight in and it shows you where you should be, it says I should be 6-7 lbs lass then I weigh now so I guess I am not going to worry ...

1/22/13 9:16 P

Well I don't really know what a journal is for... and I really don't know what to day other I am getting it done and staying on track with everything stop by my page and you can see my workouts and meals

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1/21/13 10:06 P

Thank you for the encouragement!! And for stopping by. I really do like this way better:)

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1/20/13 5:27 P

Good for you!! To me there is no such thing as a "bad food." Because if I think of it that way- I want it even more. So instead, I allow myself it in moderation and track my calories and exercise a good bit! Seems like you are doing WONDERFUL!!! :)

1/17/13 8:06 P

Today is rest day, I did some weights yesterday and didn't think I would feeling anything today and WOW I was wrong... I am SORE all over, hey it was sooo easy to lift and it was only 20 lbs but I did reps util my muscles were noodles

1/16/13 9:04 P

I had a good day stayed on track with my eating and actually finished all 8 glasses of water today,
Went to the gym 30 min on the treadmill 1.61 miles, 175 calories

1/15/13 9:36 P

Well I am staying in my calorie range and doing okay on my eating, Working out is going pretty good

Today I did the elliptical
45 min 400 calories gone!

1/14/13 6:26 P

Thank You Jibbie! I will check him out,

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1/14/13 10:39 A

I know u can do it.

I've learned a lot about carbs from Richard Johnson MD who wrote "THE SUGAR FIX". He has lectures on YouTube.

1/13/13 5:19 P

Well I am finally going to do this the right way, I tried to do low carb and it wasn't for me, I kept thinking and DREAMING about all the GOOD carbs I was missing. So here is to a new year, new motivations, a NEW Me!


Treadmill 40 mins.

Elliptical 20 mins 146 calories
Treadmill 20 mins 100 calories

Starting Weight 217
Now 214.6
Weigh in Days~ Sunday

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