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3/12/12 4:58 A

You are doing good! Water is great!! carbonated drinks are horrible for your body diet or regular..water is your friend!
Keep up the good work!

3/11/12 11:33 P

When I started, I was obsessive about the scale, and got the very good advice that if you're going to weigh daily, record it on a chart so that you can see what your natural weight fluctuations are. As a result of doing that for a month, I got a much better feel for how crazy my body is. Some days, I'd gain a pound or two; some days, lose a pound or two; some days, no change. So what I learned is that for me, it's better to weigh a lot less frequently so that I don't get caught up in having my mood dictated by the scale.

So congrats on losing 9 pounds so far -- that's great! You're right that if this is the beginning, a lot of that is probably water. We can't keep losing nine pounds every four days, or dieting would be easy! So take this in stride, and keep going with your good healthy changes, because in a month, it won't just be nine pounds that you've lost, but a lot more!

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3/11/12 10:00 P

I know that's whay I was saying water weight. I'm not new on here, sort of. I've started with sparkpeople, tracked it all and everything before, and no success. I had no motivation, why I put my major success I saw on here so maybe I'll get some friends who can spare a minute or two every other day to keep me motivated. I drink regular and diet pop, until 3 days ago that is. I like diet coke and regular pepsi and mt. dew reg and diet. yeah my head is pounding in the mornings because its used to being fed a pepsi for breakfast. no more. i weigh myself the same time, naked in the morning, usually the same hour.

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3/11/12 6:16 P

Sounds like you're doing good cutting out the caffeine. Were you drinking regular pop or diet? If it was regular, then that's a great jump start on the diet.

Maybe I read it wrong, but are you saying you lost 9 pounds in 4 days? If so, that seems like a bit too much to me. Maybe you're right about the water weight. Or did you maybe weigh yourself at different times of day or have more clothes on the first time? Make sure when you weigh you're comparing apples to apples and weigh yourself at the same time of day and with the same/similar clothes. I find that first thing in the morning with no clothes (just before getting in the shower) is pretty consistent for me.

Regardless, remember that losing a pound or two a week is "normal" and don't get discouraged if your next weigh-in doesn't result in such a big loss.

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3/11/12 12:44 P

Ok, so my friends either have so many friends they dont see my blogs or they dont have time, etc. whatever. so i'm posting on here to get others' feedback who hasn't added me yet ;) . Lately, I've been feeling good, I stopped pop 3 days ago today, and I'm getting some caffeine headaches, so I've had a piece of chocolate. I'm one of those people that if I don't cut it out completely, it wont work. so no pop at all not even a sip. I've replaced my drink cravings to water and at night, a glass of milk. I started out at what I recorded, 221.6 or so. 221. something. THis morning I woke up and weighed myself and it was 212. This has been about 4 days since my first weigh in. I'm glad. and I felt so good aobut it, that I turned on the xbox, and played Zumba for 45 minutes beore my daughter's nap time. that way her and I can both rest. Rarely, i get 3 days off work in a row.

last week I had a management training class for work, and so that involved, sitting and thinking. both i'm not good at LOL. So instead of being on my feet for 3 days at work (fast food) I was sitting, which I think just made the water weight and calories build up. So i feel happy that it was 212 but will I see a good result tomorrow?

I've heard dont dwell on the scale but measurements aren't my friend and just dont really want to track them. Please add me if you like to comment on friends' blogs on spark pages. I try to post a blog every other day. my goal is to get to 210 respectively, and then 199 by my birthday May 3, can I get this? Is that realistic?

Other than my healht news, I finished up a short story the other day, and I'm reading the 3rd hunger games book. It's been a while sinc I took the time to read a book, but I've found it to be releiving my stress level from a toddler and work, it can buld up. no rest time. so here I am blogging and eatins some chicken. :D I guess what I've lost is water weight? since it was so quick? but i want to keep it off + more weight.

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