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4/9/13 7:48 A

Thank you both for the encouragement and kind words. I already feel like I have had a renewing in my self esteem levels I know I still have a lot to go but I am finding a confidence in myself that I have not seen in many years. I am possibly looking to change jobs and now I am no longer afraid to interview in fear of rejection for my weight, but look forward to showing the confidence an ability I know I have. I had a friend who had me interview for a position in her office and did not tell the owner I knew her and after the interview she asked him how it went and he said I had more then enough qualifications but I wasn't the look they were going for when asked what he meant by look since I came in dressed very classy he said well not so much looks as size and walked away. She then informed me that after that statement she realized they did not have a single female over 25 and 140lb I realized then as wrong as it is for them to hire that way it happens all the time that is just how this world is so at first I wanted to lose for people like that but now I am finding I just want to do it for me to show myself that I can do it and I will do it. So Good luck to both of you on your journey to the new way of living. God Bless

4/3/13 10:28 A

Aloha Candy,
Your post is so very honest and encouraging, your sweetness comes forth in more than your name!! I want to pray over you and bless you as you move forward in your journey.

Father God, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, I pray Your complete and full blessings over my beautiful sister. She is not unseen or alone as she moves along this path of health. You are with her, never leaving or forsaking her, so I pray that You allow her to see and know Your Presence each time that spends time refining the vessel of her body that You have built for her. Bless her efforts, Dear LORD, bless her in strength and determination. Allow Candy to hear Your voice as You sing over her. Bless her with peace and joy and contentment. Bless her family with unity and joy and peace. You Father have said, "whom you bless, I will bless...," so this Prayer is offered in faith and love, in Your Name and Your power, Amen

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4/2/13 8:33 A

emoticon This is a great interview with Richard Bernstein MD who wrote "The Diabetes Solution". He has had Type 1 Diabetes since he was 12 and he is a healthy 78 now. This interview has a lot of information on Insulin Resistance. (The woman doing the interview is a little flaky, but it is a good talk.) Dr. Bernstein explains why we can't lose weight and more important if we do get some off why we regain.

Glad ur down 19#. That is wonderful.

4/2/13 7:57 A

Well I am not normally one to put my life out there for all to see but I have to do something to make sure this weight comes off and stays off for good this time so here it goes my story.

I started trying to lose weight after my second child was born and while I would lose 10-20lb here or there It always came back. I always found myself to busy or burned out on what ever new fad I was trying and then boom back to the old ways. I never had a weight problem as a child or teen but boy can kids change that lol. Now it is 2013 and the 60lbs I wanted gone 7yrs ago turned into 90. I found a healthy supplement program called Advocare after pray to God for both spiritual gain and weight loss so far I am doing good at both. I feel you have to be in a good mind set to fully find your full potential. I eat 6 small meals a day avoiding any sugars, bread or wheat, processed meals, and only drink large amounts of water. So far I find it is a lot easier then I thought I just make sure to each lean protein, fresh or steamed veggies (no canned to much salt) fruit, nuts,hummus, and brown rice, among other healthy options and I dont even miss any of the other foods.I also take the Advocare Supplements and try to read my bible daily and so far I have lost 19lb in 19 days most falling off at the start. I am finding my self full of energy and wanting to work out so I purchased an xbox kinects this weekend and started a dance game and hope to do the zumba on it soon to get in some exercise. I also bought a new bike in hopes of going on long rides with the kids for some family time and exercise. I will hit my goal this time and it may take longer then I want but a pound gone is better then two added from doing nothing so here goes everything. I just wish I had some one to do this with for more support but for now my kids seem to help as does the hubby so I will take it. Good luck all and remember if you want it bad enough it will happen.God bless

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