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7/24/13 9:13 A

emoticon Hope you're still enjoying SP. Enjoy your summer. emoticon

7/25/12 10:27 A

July has been such a mixed bag. I've finally dropped below the 190 mark. That's a huge celebration! However, I don't know how I managed it, really. I couldn't do that when I consistently exercised and ate properly for months at at a time. Now, in 25 days of inconsistency, travel, more eating out than I've done in a year, and chaos, I've dropped 4 pounds since the beginning of July and 6 if you count the week before I started using Spark again. Maybe I just needed the change?!?
I need the consistency back, though. As a teacher, I'm back to work in less than a week... This schedule, for lack of a better word, that I've been on for the past two months, is going to have to change.
Today my goals are:
to do some classroom evaluation and setup
create my school to-do lists
plan for Sunday's event

drink my water!!!
30 minutes on the elliptical
basic strength moves
eat two healthy, cooked meals
unpack from my trip
take the furniture boxes to the garbage
update my personal to-do list

Today I promise myself:
to choose action over inaction
to smile without reason
to remind myself that I am succeeding

7/16/12 10:49 P

Water is a continuing challenge. I've managed to up the amount I'm drinking, but I'm still not managing my goal on a consistent basis. I need to focus on scheduling my time better so that I can add my priority goals into my schedule. It works much better for me.

I'm starting to get into the exercise groove. It isn't a TOTAL battle to make myself do it. Odd that it's such a fight, since I actually generally enjoy exercising. I have been totally out of my exercise program since February, though. I'm seeing quite an improvement in my performance, which is encouraging.

I'm doing okay on the fruits, but the veggies are a bit more challenging at the moment. The sleep schedule is totally off though. I think I'm going to pull the melatonin in and see if I can't get me back on a daytime schedule that way. School starts soon and this night owl bit just isn't going to work. Besides, I'm always so draggy when my schedule is upside down.

I'm going to be traveling again. My goal is to continue to manage my calorie intake and to continue the exercise. It will be a challenge, but I've managed it so far. Why drop the ball now?

7/13/12 10:47 A

I've been traveling since my last entry and I was originally worried that I'd lose all my progress, not just on the weight, but on establishing the habits that I want to have. But I did well. Not only did I continue my exercise, planned eating, and recording, I think I might have encouraged some healthier thinking for other people! I also got my sleeping schedule almost back in place! I'm pleased with the overall results. I even lost some more weight.

Today's goals -
60 oz water (PRIORITY)
5k training program
Organize desk section of office
Go to bed by 10
Eat fruits & veggies
Spend time outside
Start researching local healthcare providers

7/6/12 12:02 P

Today's Goals -
60 oz. water
5k training program - change of plans
Clean boxes out of bedroom
Tweak Daily Checklist form - done
Finish important things first - this is gonna take some work
Go to bed by 10
Spend some time outside (errands do NOT count) - done

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BARBWMS Posts: 1,396
7/6/12 11:11 A

A great start, and you've inspired me to get back to being more mindful and specific about writing down goals. Thanks! And good luck! emoticon

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7/5/12 5:06 P

these goals are great. they are doable. Good Luck

7/5/12 4:35 P

Logging and tracking is useful so it is getting done, but for me it isn't as effective as talking and thinking about the choices that I'm making. So I'll write.

Big Goals
1. Proper weight - which means I probably need to lose about 70 pounds. Sounds rather enormous and unachievable, but I should use my stubbornness to my advantage, right?

2. Fitness - which means developing strength and endurance and skill. No where near as scary as the weight thing. I've always been "chubby", at least since my teens, but until the last few years, I've always been strong, so I know I can do it again.

3. Lifestyle - which means that I want to build a life that is focused on the moment and what is positive rather than focusing on where I have been or where I'd rather be. That is rather difficult for the perfectionist bend to my personality. That is going to require a lot of mental reprogramming and lots of new habits. A challenge, for sure.

This Month's Goals
1. Complete 5K Run/Walk training program
2. Drink 60 oz water daily
3. Rebuild my to-do list habit
4. Increase my fruits and vegetables
5. Unpack and organize the moving boxes
6. Drop 3 pounds
7. Journal on a daily basis (this counts emoticon )
8. Choose to be positive

Today's Goals
1. 5K training day - Did it and improved my time!
2. 60 oz water - Finally managed it!
3. 1 fruit + 1 Veggie min. - Nearly done - carrots in front of me as we speak.
4. Today's plan page - Sorta, because which one do you do first? SparkPeople on plan page or plan page on SparkPeople?
5. Set up office shelves & clear the clutter - Shelves took longer than expected but are done. Clutter? That'll have to wait for tomorrow.

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