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7/17/14 10:54 A

I believe mine is set at about the same calories...I usually eat less, and am also having difficulty losing (even though I have lots to lose). I am trying to get some sort of exercise in each day. I am not sure if I am doing something else wrong. I drink my water and eat fruits and veggies and log in everything that goes into my mouth (even if it is not pretty). Any suggestions would be appreciated as well....I know I feel better, but would be good if I could see the scale move a little down too...Good luck on your goal setting! We can do this together as a team!!! Keep looking for the small changes :-)

7/16/14 8:29 P

I don't know of very many women who would lose weight on 1970-2300. (this is too high!)

My advice is to return to about 1400-1600 daily.
Make sure you are getting at least 60 grams of protein daily.
Make sure you are getting at least 25 grams of fiber daily. (you can add this to your nutrition tracker)

See how you feel, your energy level, your fullness.

Track your weight loss. If you are losing 1-2 pounds weekly and you are feeling good---then you have your answer. Continue on!


SEDREAMS Posts: 12
7/16/14 11:34 A

Thanks for the help so far, everyone!

I can give my ranges. I did some messing in the goal setting window.

It looks like what I did was start with a 1lb/week goal with the smaller one and when I switched to the larger goal I changed it to 2lb/week. I don't even remember doing that.

My first two weeks I was here:

1 pound per week: 1970-2320

And now I'm at:

2 pounds per week: 1470-1820

The actual numbers don't change much if I have a long-term or short term goal, based on the same starting weight.

I also decided to calculate how it'd look if I went to 1.5 a week: 1720-2070

Maybe the severity of my jump is too much?

7/16/14 7:50 A

Can you share the calorie ranges you were given.

I imagine you need to return to the range that was initially bringing about weight loss.

Seeing the ranges, may help us in giving suggestions.

HONEY777 Posts: 203
7/15/14 9:57 P

I say "congratulations"!!! at least you lost right? Several years ago I joined Weight Watchers; as I was signing in I was asked what my goal weight was. I said 25 lbs in a relatively short time frame (I really don't remember; like I said it was ages ago)!! After the meeting the lady that had taken my info called me over and said that I should be more realistic. She said that setting shorter goals was more attainable and that as I saw progress it would make it that much more interesting and that then I could set my goals for a little more or a little longer. Well, many years have gone by and many "situations" have come and gone. I am now facing a medical issue which I'll be having surgery for in a few weeks, so now my goal isn't to lose the weight "cause my son is getting married in 3 months and I want my ex husband to see the young, slim lady he let go of" my goal is to follow the diet for my specific diagnosed issue and to exercise every day. My exercise routine use to be aggressive for a couple of days then I'd either hurt myself or become discouraged cause I didn't lose any lbs. Now I find that just walking (no need for gyms or special equipment) 30 minutes a day is all I can do but it's also all I need. Good luck to you; my thoughts will be with you!! Louise

NIRERIN Posts: 14,275
7/15/14 9:45 P

it's actually pretty abnormal to weigh frequently and lose straight numbers with no bobbles up or down. most people lose a pound, gain two, down half, maintain, down two and so forth.
if your short term goal was working for you, head back to the short term goal [or another comparable one] and plod along that way. while it can be great to have a long term goal in your back pocket mini goals are great for the day to day. in other words, it can be a lot easier to count to ten ten times even though that's the same thing as counting to a hundred. it will also help you better target your ranges, especially as you are starting out.
a final thought is where are you in your cycle? most women tend to have one week a month where they retain a little more water and weigh more. some women choose to skip weighing this week and wait out the water weight gain. so it might be less of a slowdown and more of a natural cycle masking weightloss sort of situation.

SEDREAMS Posts: 12
7/15/14 9:10 P

I'm looking for some advice on how I should set my goals relative to the nutrition tracker.

About a month ago, I had my goal set moderately, to get down to 300 (a mini-goal, if you will). I lost about 10 pounds for the couple weeks I had that set. I realized that I should probably change it to a more long-term goal, so I switched it to 199. I adapted to the new calorie range, and haven't lost a pound since.

I've not been exercising a lot, but I've done at least 10 minutes a day 6-7 days a week (I've been increasing the last week or so), I've tried my manage my portions, I've been within my calories on all days but one or two, I think, and I've tried to watch some of my salt intake. I drink a ton of water (probably 12 cups a day on a normal day), so that should help with the salt, I guess.

I don't know why I just... stopped. I'm only about a month into this and a plateau (and mini-gains, two pounds on week, .08 the next) probably shouldn't be happening yet. I know that bodies do different things, but I'm wondering if changing my goal could be helpful?

I originally had myself set at a 2 pounds/week loss goal, and I just went in and looked at what would change if I adjusted to 1.5/week. Should I bother with this? Any other advice you might have would be appreciate. I'm at a loss.

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