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8/23/11 4:48 A

You can bake a bar, a large amount, and freeze and wrap in seperate portions. I bake ahead for my boyfriends lunchbox, so he always has a homemade treat, just freeze them all wrapped in seperate servings.

8/22/11 3:44 P

Thanks guys! Those are both great resources. Next time I'm in a baking mood, I'm definitely going to try those pumpkin bars out. Yum!

Unfortunately I work very long hours each week, and really need to find some store-bought solutions where I can. A friend of mine recommended You Bars . It's a company that lets you custom order energy/protein bars. They aren't cheap (about $50 for a box of 13 with shipping), but the ability to choose exactly what does (and doesn't) go into them, and the ability to have them as easily packaged as my husband's cliff bars may be worth it for occasional exercise-related needs. I'll report back once I get them!

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8/22/11 9:43 A

this website might contain some ideas for coking for yourself, with so many allergies, that is probably your safest bet.

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8/22/11 6:26 A

Have you thought of making your own power bars?

Here's one that might work:
Pumpkin whey protein bars

8/21/11 3:21 P

Hey all! I was diagnosed with a whole bunch of food allergies last year (see title). I've been adjusting my diet fairly well, but I cannot seem to find an adequate replacement for the standard Power Bar/Cliff Bar/Lara Bar energy boosters. I have been doing a lot of long bike rides and I eat Shot Bloks during those rides to give me energy boosts, but almost everything else I can find contains wheat, nuts, or soy.

I need your collective help and wisdom. Any ideas?

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