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3/11/13 11:18 P

that's what I thought.... was they were the same thing. Just did not understand why sparkpeople have a space for both on the page :)

Thanks for commenting and confirming this to me :)

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3/10/13 12:06 P

Blood "sugar" is a common lay-person term for blood "glucose." When you prick your finger, that's what you are testing -- and either term is appropriate.

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3/10/13 10:01 A

It is my understanding that they are the same thing. "Testing your blood sugar" measures the amount of glucose in your blood. A lot of people just refer to it as checking their sugar. But what they're doing, is testing their blood for the amount of glucose in it. So both terms are used for the same thing.

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3/10/13 9:39 A

On this site where you list your measurements.... it has a place for me to list my daily glucose number and my blood sugar... I do not understand the difference in these two. I am suppose to prick my finger twice a day but what is it? My Glucose or my blood sugar?

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