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GLODES Posts: 58
3/20/13 11:46 A

Lots has happened since my last post....
- i started a new job that keeps me going
- Darren and i almost split
- I severly hurt my shoulder so movement is limited

I wonder where everyone went... I looked at my groups expectinng to see lots of chats and stuff and no one has been posting for almost 2 months...

I am joining either TOPS or WEIGHT WATCHERS... but i need my sparks.....

GLODES Posts: 58
1/22/13 12:00 A

Well for the last week it has been a bust for the most part, not working out or watching what i was eatin.. very emotional to which doesnt help.. but i am not giving up.. tomorrow is a new day and i will wake up with my feet ready to move...

GLODES Posts: 58
1/8/13 1:21 A

Well my day was productive for the most part. We got a bit of a storm last night so i thought I would go and do some shoveling while Darren was at work. Wow what a work out!! I didnt even get half done and my body had - had enough... but tomorrow is another day. emoticon

So I think I am not suppose to do any type of travel. Last night we had the issue with the poor Coyote, well tonight when we were driving to Regina to get my son to bring him home from his dads there was a Deer. It was horrific!!!!!! We seen it standing in our lane and it wouldn't move.. Just kept looking at us.. So we drove around it while honking and still wouldn't move.. As we passed u could see it was already injured.. Guts were already hanging out of its ass.. But it wouldn't move and just kept watching us.. So we turned around to try to get it off the road and there were cars coming... So we honked and flashed over and over... This lady ended up hitting it.. She couldn't slow down fast enough... She ripped it right in half.. Her whole front passenger side is gone... Darren helped her pull deer and broken pieces from her car.....

So I was having panick attacks on the way home. Everytime I seen something either on the side of the road - garbage, animal, snow.. my heart would race and i would get all tense.... argh

Well I guess time to do some tracking and get ready for bed...

tomorrow is another wonderful day emoticon

GLODES Posts: 58
1/7/13 12:21 A

Well today was good.... took the dogs to the dog park and walked 5 laps, spent the day with my hubby and now preparing for tomorrow.

On the sad note on the way home an on coming car hit the hind legs of a coyote and just kept driving. We stopped and sat with it on the side of the road until the RCMP could come to shoot it. It was so sad...even though it is a wild animal that would eat one of my dogs, watching it suffer was heart breaking. It really made me think about life in general, and what it means to be healthy and happy.

Im sitting here now watching Biggest Loser. Looks like it is gunna be a good one this season. My heart went out to a young man on there... TC was his name, and how his weight almost cost his son his life in a car accident. I cant imagine how hard that would be.

More motivation is all i can say!!!!

GLODES Posts: 58
1/6/13 12:58 P

Yes Alindal I totaly agree with the small goals... I havnt really said (I dont think) how much I want to lose this month.. For me I think anything is a good thing... And I will be happy with that...

But yes trying to change my habits, reintroduce exercising, and everyday normal life... good gosh lol...

But I am not giving in,,, WE can do this...

Today I was planning on doing one of my workouts but with the hubby home i cant see that happening (i dont work out infront of him lol) but we are going to take the dogs to the dog park and for a walk later so at least i will still be moving...

And then tomorrow is back at'er for everything...

Well hope you have a good day... Chin up and Feet Movin lol...

ALINDAL Posts: 19
1/4/13 2:59 P

I am at the same point. Between work, family and life in general, trying to fit everything in was starting to get to me.
emoticon I am going to lose 5 pounds this month because I will work my hardest to lose it. Next month, I will set a new goal.
Now, just have to think of a reward for my self when I complete my goals. :)

GLODES Posts: 58
1/4/13 12:25 A

today was a bit of a gong show... car broke down, didnt get to work out, didnt eat right... argh and I just feel so so so blue... I have 15 things going through my head and i dont know why... guess i will call it a night and try to have a better day tomorrow...

GLODES Posts: 58
1/3/13 1:55 A

Well today was great :P i am so proud of myself.... I ate half decent, drank lots of water and did a good work out... never did end up taking the dogs for a walk but if tomorrow is nice out i will take them for sure....

well time for bed ... hope tomorrow is as good as today....


GLODES Posts: 58
1/2/13 2:15 P

emoticon emoticon Well Zumba Done!! I made my own play list on YouTube of Zumba Songs/Videos and did a complete hour... Almost killed me but I did it! Pump it was the hardest but it sure made my heart pump... Well off to shower, do house work and hopefully take my pooches for a walk...

GLODES Posts: 58
1/2/13 12:20 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Well today was pretty much of a waste...but started out with good intentions. My husband goes back to work tomorrow after being off for the holidays so he thought it would be nice to take me to the city for lunch, shopping and some quality time. (He is trying to be a better husband/father and do his own changing)...

It was a great day all the same.. but for tomorrow I already have my meals prepared and my work out planned... so here we go.. I am SO EXCITED... I just need some pushes, kicks in the ars, and kind words of encouragement and i know i can this....

emoticon even a little green turtle can win this.....

GLODES Posts: 58
1/2/13 12:14 A

Happy New Year jibbie49... I sure hope your right emoticon

GLODES Posts: 58
1/2/13 12:13 A

Thanks Smanismell... it isnt to often that you find someone that can understand your struggles... I am really hoping this year is a fix "me" year...

I know anything is possible if we set our minds to it... just for us we have to set about 5 minds to it... lol...

Happy New Year..

SMANISMELL SparkPoints: (76,799)
Fitness Minutes: (39,952)
Posts: 725
12/31/12 12:31 P

Good luck with your weight loss journey Glodes. I hope that you make it through. I understand what a struggle it is and how at times you can feel as though you are really huge. I like your action plan. I too am bipolar and have BPD. Because of this, my weight loss struggle is increased. Some of the meds don't help, but I keep trying. Happy New Year!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
12/31/12 8:49 A

emoticon Happy 2013 New Year emoticon This will be the best year ever!!! emoticon

GLODES Posts: 58
12/30/12 11:16 P

Well weight has been taken, measurements done, now just to prepare the cupboards and fridge. I have tried this journey before, but I felt like I was alone. Now I have my loving husband standing beside me cheering me on, and the outlook I have for myself is different. For some reason him holding me telling me he doesnt care what size I am, or where the dial stops on the scale, he married my heart and soul not my curves (but he loves my boobie curves -- typical male) lol...... but it helps....

I have been on an emotional roller coaster this last year... being rediagnosed with Bipolar and now with BPD as well, has been helpful but devasting at the same time. But i have learnt alot this year... first and most importantly -- the only person that can truely make me happy is ME!!

The one thing that gets me and i truely dont understand is most of my life including even sometimes now I dont feel LARGE, sometimes with I look in the mirror I dont see my self as an overweight person... but then there are other times... when Im doing my hair, getting dressed, in the shower... even just doing nothing.... I feel like ORCA.... I dont understand how i can switch back and forth... since Sept 2012 I have gained between 12 - 20 lbs and sometimes I can feel it and sometimes i dont... I dont know... Im so confused..

So I have decided since I DO KNOW it is an issue either way.. i have to fix it... so here I go...

- more water
- less calories/healthier food
- exercise
- healthy thinking
- logging.....

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