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9/6/12 5:01 P

Today has been a very good day. I slept well last and woke up feeling refreshed. I visited my hospice client today. The poor dear is starting to decline.

Today I am grateful for the stuff that I bought at the Goodwill today. 3 shirts and a skirt for $15!

Today's challenge is night eating. I have been doing better but I still need more practice.

9/3/12 8:35 A

Today I am going to celebrate my accomplishments

The positives for the day are being able to be home in a peaceful environment

Today I am grateful for having access to the internet.

My challenge for today is to keep from eating at night.

CRGEK1960 Posts: 187
8/31/12 3:13 P

I am happy and motivated today. I am getting wonderful vibrations from the earth and tonight will celebrate the blue moon.

Challenges I see ahead of me is the new yogurt place that opened up but I am grateful that it is right next to the gym so I can work it right off.

Peace and love to all on this magical night.

8/30/12 8:21 A

Missed yesterday. I get so carried away with all the things that Sparks has to offer I totally forgot.

Today will be a better day.

Here's a way to help me stay focused:

1. Daily Progress: I have logged most of my food for the day.

2. Problems: I'm exhausted! Not sleeping too well.

3. Challenges: I have to be careful not to eat too much when I'm tired.

4. Successes I see my hospice client today. (I'm a hospice volunteer).

5. My mini goal for today is to clean 2 more shelves today. I have way too much stuff (junk).

6. My Gratitude: I am so glad that I have Sparks to help me through!

Here's to a great Sparkle day!

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8/28/12 3:32 P

I had a wonderfully awesome morning. Got my workouts in. I also got my chores done. I have logged all my food and exercise. Now my day is almost complete. I am having a big bowl of fruit (Pears, watermelon, cantaloupe, and grapes) Plus, ate a bowl of peas. Now all I have to do is eat one more vegetables and that'll by my quota for the day. I will probably have more vegetables for dinner. I usually fill half of my plate up with vegetables.

Today I am grateful for my gym membership. I look forward to my workouts.

My mini goal for the day was to clean out two shelves in the bookcase in my room. Done!

Have an awesome in Spark land emoticon

CRGEK1960 Posts: 187
8/26/12 9:11 P

Today I opened my eyes slowly and gt out of bed when I wanted to. I so love the weekends.
I am grateful for the cooling rain that washes away the heat and brings back to life my long dead grass.
I'm also grateful for decissions made that will allow me to support my families needs
My goal was to replace the calk in the bathtub and I am happy to say that it's done! Finally!!!

8/26/12 8:57 A

The positive aspect for today will be making healthy choices and getting a good workout in.

I am so grateful for being able to be here at Sparks

My mini goal is to take 10 minutes to clean one shelf in my room. It is so good for me to purge things that I no longer need.

Here's what I learned from Sparkdiet today:

I have a lifestyle with its own routine, a regular way of doing things. Part of me is comfortable with it. Any change to that status quo and those routines, no matter how small, takes mental alertness. If my new goals and new habits aren’t kept at the top of my mind, I will sink back into those old routines without even realizing it.

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CRGEK1960 Posts: 187
8/25/12 3:33 P

I too had a wonderful nights sleep. I love Saturday and Sunday mornings when I can wake up on my own and not to an alarm. My bedroom is kitty haven for the older cats that don't want anything to do with the grandkids and dogs so I share you love for cats.

I am grateful for the time to rest and wakeup smoothly as well as smiling faces at the Saturday morning cycling class. I am also grateful that it doesn't hurt as much anymore sitting on they skinny little cycling seat :-)

I feel so positive about my future health and happiness because of the support of others and this wonderful web site.

My goal today is to replace the calc on the tub and enjoy Korean food without feeling guilty.

8/25/12 6:51 A


I got a good night sleep
I am looking forward to a good workout today
I get to spend my day with my cats.


I am so grateful to have a computer
I am blessed to have 2 wonderful kids.

My mini goal for the day:

To get one shelf in my room cleaned. (It's a disaster)

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CRGEK1960 Posts: 187
8/24/12 9:56 P

What a wonderful topic. It is so important to take a moment each day to reflect on what you are gratefu for.
The positives in my life today are old friends coming together to have lunch and laugh.
I'm greatful for my want power that is keeping me on the path to a healty lifestyle, the cool breeze coming in my window and the knee brace that allows me to Zumba
My goal for today is to relax and enjoy where I am in my life

8/24/12 7:11 P

This will be a quick post. It's time for me to watch a movie. This journal will be for positives in my life, gratitude, and for mini goals.

Here's something really quick....

I am so grateful for Sparks. It has opening so many doors for me. I am learning so much about living a healthy lifestyle.

The positives in my life are my 6 cats and my mom.

My mini goal for today is to get a good night sleep. I'm exhausted!

Until tomorrow.

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