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2/6/14 5:57 P

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Hi and Welcome Back to SPARKpeople...

This is my second round too...

Wishing you all the Best and Much Success ~Deby

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SUZIPAM1 Posts: 1,464
2/6/14 1:50 P

you look far to young for such big kids - well done you look great

KATPRIEBE SparkPoints: (67,491)
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2/6/14 1:19 P

I'm a second timer too, I've noticed that a lot of people here are. For me, It's not so much keeping motivated, for me it is a different lifestyle. The first time I joined here was in 2005, I failed miserably and dropped out of Sparks. I gained enough weight to put me over 300, I knew I had to do something. I rejoined Sparks in 2007, not so much to lose weight but to learn to live with myself. After that, It was- not to deny myself anything, but to actually allow myself to eat and not feel guilty. I learned to have patience with myself. If I have a bad day, well gee, it happens. But the good days out number the bad. And that's what matters. Having patience matters, and breaking goals up into smaller ones that makes me feel good about my progress.

And you can do what this article suggests, (this is what I'm doing- I have over 135# to lose)...Now this article, suggests to break down your weight lose into 10% at a time. (Which is what I did) And I finally lost some weight. It is SOOOOOOO nice to see that weight lost ticker move which motivates me even more. Instead of saying...I have 150 pounds to reach my goal... by setting your "1st" goal at 10%, your closer to your goal. It's reachable - it's manage-able, it's doable.

Here is the link to the article: The second page really gets to the heart of the article...

Just keep smiling...that's all. Find what makes YOU happy, and have patience with yourself.


2/6/14 1:07 P

Thank you very much for the encouragement on our journey!!! Good Luck to you as well!

2/6/14 1:06 P

Thank you very much for the compliment and encouragement! What a sweet gesture..Good Luck to you on our Journey as well. We can do this!!!!

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JEWELZEE- Posts: 3,087
2/6/14 5:24 A

Wow, you're beautiful! Welcome back. This time is THEE time for you!

DUBGIRL418 SparkPoints: (54,076)
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2/6/14 3:08 A

Welcome back, Tammy! Look for active teams to join--they will be very helpful in your weight loss journey. I wish you all the best!

2/5/14 11:42 P

I am new once again..tried SP about 3 years ago...since then have gained additional weight. I am now motivated and ready to do this for me. I live in Mason City, which is central Illinois and have 2 chihuahuas Carter and Callie living with me, divorced and have 2 grown sons ages 28 and 25. Looking forward to meeting and sharing motivation with fellow SparkPeople...Tammy

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