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7/21/12 7:44 A

I just finished reading an article by a researcher in Ottawa who has proven the benefits of drinking milk as part of the daily food/drink intake and moreso for those who work out. If it is the caloric content you are concerned about, it would be beneficial to remove the calories from the fat portion of your intake.

The researcher is a good friend of one of the guys at my gym, so I will get the full name of the article and researcher on Monday. I will then post it to this thread.

Just as an aside -- did you know that if you drink skim milk with your whey protein powder, it stays in your system and keeps you fuller longer than if you used water, juice or yogurt? Just a thought as I am not a dietician or doctor!

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7/14/12 11:11 P

I use milk to make my yogurt....other than that, I use unsweetened almond milk! I seem to feel better when I drink it - less fat, less bloating...tastes great! emoticon

I even make my own frozen desserts by using a combo of almond milk, yogurt, and fruit.

7/14/12 10:35 P

Do not intend to exclude it from my eating plan emoticon

CJ_SPARX Posts: 510
7/14/12 7:01 P

I couldn't give up milk. I drink 2%, but I'm trying to get my mom to try 1%, which tastes just as good. It took forever to get her to accept the 2%! XD My dad refuses to drink milk (something about it containing some of the same ingredients in glue...?).

BOGUSANNIE Posts: 1,745
7/14/12 4:23 P

I would NEVER give up milk or dairy...EVER...I love it way too much. I do drink skim milk or 1% and I eat butter not margarine. Portion control it and it's all good! We all need calcium, why you would remove dairy is beyond me.

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7/14/12 12:05 P

I haven't heard anyone credible saying that milk is bad for you -- just that it has no special weight-loss properties. It still contains valuable nutrients. I still drink it and consume other dairy products in moderation, choosing the low-fat versions.

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7/13/12 12:04 P

With all the controversy revolving around whether or not milk is good or bad for you have any of you given up drinking milk...or atleast considered it?

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