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5/10/13 12:03 P

Welcome to Spark people. Don't worry, you are always welcome here whether you never miss a day or whether you are hit and miss. LIfe happens. This is a very supportive site and I know it took me several weeks to find a few teams and decide on a streak to try. It is now almost 5 years later and I LOVE sparking. I am a slow and steady loser, getting healthier each day, one decision at a time. Some days I work really hard at it and some days I have to force myself to do ten minutes and that is FINE because I have learned to be consistent here. Good luck. Remember you can't fail in SP, just keep practicing until you get it right!

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5/10/13 11:57 A

Hi my name is Mercy/Grace I joined Spark People end of last month.Since then I have not been on, my son and his wife and sons are moving to Iowa, I have been living with since their twins were born almost 6 years ago, to help them out. So I have had to prepare to move also. So my emotions have been up and down!! I have lost 67 pounds since last July 1st want to lose 40 more pounds, so Iam a work in progress. Iam 62 years old have divorced for 13 years.

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