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9/14/05 2:27 P

Hi Mary,

Glad to hear you didn't have to fight the temptations @ work! And good for you on the pie...I have a hard time with pie only around the holidays...otherwise, I never (or rarely) have it. I still have @ least 1 or 2 frozen pies in the freezer, and I can't remember how long they've been of my all-time favorites is pumpkin...around Oct., I start craving all the orange fall foods...though, I have had some pies that weren't as good as others, so it can depend on how tempting one is, by how good it tastes...

Sounds like you're making progress! Are you having back problems only because of the weight? Do you take medications or are you just exercising to try to reduce the pain as you lose the weight? I think natural is better, so if you're able, way to go!

Got another day of running in...pushed a bit harder, as we didn't just stick to the routine of running one lap & walking the next...we ran more, walked less, but the walking is still there...trying to run farther before we allowed ourselves (me) to walk...boy, it feels hard to do around a track sometimes...don't know why?? I'm starting to get tired again...I think I need to go to bed's @ least 11-11:30 pm when I go to bed, then to make my new running schedule happen, I get up @ 6:20, and leave by 7:20 to meet my buddy @ the h.s., after getting the kids ready for school. I feel better for the most part though...not so achey.

Have a great day!


MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
9/14/05 11:58 A

Got through yesterday without a cake! That worked out well. Did get my rhubarb pie from my Mom. I cut it into eight small pieces and froze seven of them. Now I have that to look forward to.

Did my back exercises again this morning and plan on walking again at lunch time. Doesn't look quite as nice out today as yesterday but should be okay. My back isn't any better but at least it's not getting worse either. I guess I can't expect it to get better overnight!

Another day with lots to do!


9/13/05 5:03 P

Hah! My boys say the same thing about their sister...haven't seen the movie, but she's called a drama queen around here...she throws fits & slams doors (if she thinks she can get away it, and sometimes even when she knows she can't), yells @ the top of her lungs sometimes so that everyone can hear her...I dread what she'll be like w/TOM around...maybe I won't be here to deal with it though if I'm @ basic...hey, I timed it pretty good,! Thirteen does seem pretty late, but I was these days seem to grow up so much faster...wonder if it has anything to do with the hormone injections our meat gets...I have a feeling it may not be that long before mine starts.

That's great on the walk! I would love to have a place to walk by that has water...the closest place is a busy town, and it's too far's called the waterfront...the heart of the area I live in...I did a Heart Walk there awhile back, and I just loved it! But a lake would be excellent! I always loved the water...

Hope you'll be able to ride your bike this weekend too...haven't done that in awhile myself; one of these days!

So, have you escaped work from remembering your b-day...not that you want to be forgotten, but as far as the cake issue goes?

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9/13/05 3:39 P

Thanks Diane. 10 is about when my daughter started in. She could easily have been the star in that Teenage Drama Queen movie! But she really is a good kid and works hard in school. She's very loving most of the time but just has her moments. She also just started her period last week. We've been prepared for a long time because she is about two years later than I was. She handled it pretty well but that can certainly be the cause of some flare ups for her.

Anyway, just got back from my walk. It's beautiful out there and we have a trail that takes me down by Lake Union. Lots of bicycles whizzing by make me jealous. Hopefully, that will be me this weekend!

Take care!


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9/13/05 3:33 P

Thanks Brad. I love cake and ice cream too! I have six brothers and sisters so birthdays growing up were constant. However, I don't get to celebrate with all of them anymore. Thank goodnes for that! It's hard enough with the four of us. I'm just hoping they forgot about me at work. Then I don't have to worry about it for now. So far, it's been a good day.


9/13/05 12:06 P

Hi Mary,

That's a great lesson to learn...forgiveness. I always had a hard time with that growing up; I would hold grudges in the worst way, and for the longest time. You kind of learn to get past it a bit more after getting married, otherwise it's not such a good marriage to be in. But learning the value of it as a Christian, I am able to say sorry first, even if I don't feel I'm in the takes two to make it a fight, so I've mellowed in that area, and when someone says sorry to me, I can usually accept it quicker...though I like to let my husband stew in it a bit longer just so he doesn't think he got off the hook too easily...

I'm glad you were able to work it out with your makes the day harder to get thru when you have problems @ the start. My daughter's already hard to handle, and she's only 10! I almost dread what 13 will be like, but on the other hand, I can't wait 'til she grows out of this, picky, whiney & sometimes prissy stage...with two older brothers & a mom that's never been too girly, I have a hard time dealing with her moods, though I do understand her well enough not to let the boys trample on her too much, but she will have to learn...soon I hope.

Well, if anyone does make a cake for you, just take a very small piece, and let them know you're on a diet (or however you wnat to put it), so that they know it's not meant to be rude or as if you didn't appreciate the effort to make you a cake, if you politely decline...sometimes it's just nice to have them remember & then everyone else can enjoy the cake while you enjoy the attention. Stay strong & resist the'll feel so much better about it, but if you do, just a small piece. You know what I do if I have the choice...I opt for low cal. ice cream instead of the cake...I always preferred ice cream over cake.

As for the energy...I do pretty well with it, but I'm feeling the pain these days...trying to make sure I do more stretching before & afterwards & get my water intake back up where it should be...been slackin' a bit here & there, but I try to drink minimum, 10 cups/day...if I can get thru all my aches & pains, I know I'll feel a lot better about my running...went again this morning; had to meet a little earlier today & I think I actually liked it better so that we weren't seeing so many kids in the morning after school had already started. It's just nice to get it done early.

Keep up the walking, and you'll start to have more energy in no time!

Happy Birthday!


9/13/05 12:02 P

Happy Birthday Mary!! And may you reach your goals on your 45th! Best of luck to you. Take Care.

PS Birthdays are the worst time of the year for me because I LOVE cake and ice cream. Unfortunately, I have eight birthdays in my family!


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9/13/05 11:01 A

Thanks RW! I really appreciate the good wishes and the friendship. It's a beautiful day in Seattle so I will get out for a walk at lunch to enjoy it.

I like your new picture. I love Florida beaches. My husbands family all live in the Tampa area so we get out there from time to time. It really is a beautiful state.

Have a great day!


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9/13/05 10:57 A

Wow Diane. I hope after I lose a few pounds, I will have half as much energy as you seem to!

The day got off a little rough because of a disagreement with my daughter. She is just about to turn 13 and has already been acting the part. She really is a sweet girl who can sometimes have such an ugly attitude. Afraid I don't handle it very well though. I'm determined not to let it get me down. She apologized before I left her and our sermon this weekend was about forgiveness. How could I not when it's my daughter we're talking about?

Another busy day ahead of me. I was hoping no one at work would find out it's my birthday. They tend to bring cake and I really don't want any. Have a great day!


RUNNINGWATER Posts: 13,445
9/13/05 7:42 A

Happy birthday to you Mary
Happy 44th , I hope that you have many more.
It's great to have friends here and I want to be one.
hugss and best wishes ,

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9/12/05 8:51 P

Hi Again Mary,

I took a nap earlier to recoop from all the exertion of this weekend & this morning...just doesn't feel like enough sleep when I'm tossing & turning @ drill & then have to get up the next day after not much sleep (waking up @ 4:30 am) to exercising all day 'til 1 pm (with breaks in between), then going to bed finally @ 11 pm, and waking up @ 6:30 am today...I am sooooooooooo glad this drill is over, so now all the running I have planned is in preparation for next drill & ultimately for basic, which will be 8-9 days after I am done with the next drill. I am hopeful it will be enough; I know it can only help, so I'm doing what I can.

You're doing good...just do what you can like I said, and maybe some day you can begin to add a fast walking pace into your walks...then once that becomes a little easier, do a 30 second trot every now & then...remember, just start slowly to work up to whatever it is that you want to will sure help to keep you from over doing it. At the ladies gym that I work out at, there's a cd with a motivators voice on it that helps prompt you when to move to the next machine, and he says that if your goal is to just move more than you were before, you cannot fail...just remember that.

I hope you are able to take your mom's advice if she makes you the pie...I've never had rhubarb myself, but I have to admit, I probably wouldn't like it either...I'm not so big on most cakes anymore either, so it's a lot easier for me to share with my family. It's also nice not to try to secretly get away with eating junk when they're not I was hiding how much of the cake I ate myself, but my weight (& my outward appearance ) weren't keeping my secret very well.

Have a nice birthday tomorrow! Please do keep in touch...I'll do the same as long as I can...but I'll be back once I'm back from training @ AIT...hope you won't forget me after 7 mos., assuming all goes according to plan.


MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
9/12/05 3:32 P

Thanks for checking in Diane. I had read that you were gone on RW's journal. We have three birthdays all within one month in my family so we kind of get carried away with cake. Fortunately, there is no one to make one for me (hubby won't and kids don't know how yet, although they should). It's just as well because none of them are really big on cakes so I end up eating most of it. My Mom's usually good for a rhubarb pie though (my favorite). If she gives me one this year, I think I'll take a hint from her and freeze it so I can have it for a treat every now and then instead of eating the whole thing in a few days. My kids and hubby hate it so I get the whole thing to myself!

Running huh? There's no way I could do that now. Not with my back and it's hard with all this extra weight. I figure I'd have to be around 180 at the heaviest. Good for you. I used to love to run. I did go for a nice walk today at lunch time as well as the back exercises I did this morning. I think I may be starting to come around a little bit. Just have to take it slow until the back eases a little. I have ice on it now, which always seems to help.

I didn't make it out for a bike ride this weekend so I'm hoping for next weekend. The weather is supposed to be decent so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks for keeping in touch. I'll try to do the same!


MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
9/12/05 3:20 P

Thanks for the birthday wishes Jen. I think I have in mind what I need to do for my back but I'll let you know if I need help. Thanks for being there and checking in with me. I am on you challenge to not weigh for a month. Going to be hard for me but in a strange way, it makes me feel more accountable too, like I better be doing enough to feel it, and I really want to see a change in weight in a month. We'll see how it goes.


9/12/05 2:34 P

Hi Mary!

Sorry it seemed as though I posted then went away...I was @ drill this weekend, so I was gone.

My husband's birthday is today; he's turning 42, so happy birthday to you too tomorrow! Here's a cake for you both! emoticon emoticon ...just be sure to have a small piece...I made him one before he left so that he could celebrate with us early. This is about the 2 or 3rd one he hasn't been home to celebrate since rejoining the Army. I know what he's doing is important, so I'm glad he could help'd just be nice if he could be home in time before I leave for basic in November.

I hope your back starts feeling better...just keep up the back exercises & the walking...start out with what's doable & build on that...I always say, baby steps lead to giant leaps, so it'll come. My next goal is also 190...I had a relapse & went backwards on the scale recently...too many other things that I focused on rather than my workouts, so I now need to lose 12 lbs., instead of just 7, as I had before Sept. came.

Kind of depressing, but even after coming back from drill, I committed myself to adding running to my workouts, and I did it w/ a friend this morning after I got my kids off to school...we're going again tomorrow, so I'm hopeful to keep it up 'til my ship date...I'm gonna need to be in better shape than I am right now anyways when I leave, assuming I leave on time.

I'm still sore from the weekend & this morning, and getting tired again after such a long weekend, so I will catch up with you more later...nice picture & great sense of humor! I always like to see faces to go with the name.


SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,774
9/12/05 11:16 A

Hi Mary!

Sorry to hear your back is bothering you! Let me know if you need anything.

Have a great birthday tomorrow! I hope all of your wishes come true! emoticon

Coach Jen

MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
9/12/05 11:06 A

Monday again and my back is still hurting. I have to do something so I did just the back exercises the doctor gave me. Doesn't feel like much but I may have to stick with that for a week or so to build up some strength so I can do more. I'm also planning to go walking on my lunch break. It will do me good to move around a bit after sitting all morning. I know that if I don't get started, the back is never going to get better. Baby steps!

Did okay on my food this weekend. Not great but I'm certainly capable of doing really poorly on the weekend so I feel like I've accomplished something. I just have so much more structure to my week than on the weekends when it seems like I'm on the go from beginning to end.

I have set up my food plans for today and think it is something I can stick to so I should be okay there. Tomorrow, I am 44 years old. When did that happen?! I'm planning to be in great shape before 45 comes around!

MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
9/10/05 9:05 P

Hope you like my new picture. That's me with two chins (my pet chinchillas). Who says I can't have a sense of humor?

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9/10/05 11:48 A

Thanks Diane. It does sound like we have a lot in common. Sorry you are alone though. But your husband is doing great things I'm sure. Having never been in that situation, I don't know if it helps, but everyone appreciates the sacrifices your family is making right now.

I have set smaller goals as well. My current goal is to make it to 190. That's about half of what I need to lose which is more like 90 pounds now. Hard to believe I ever let it get that bad. If I set my goals too small, it doesn't seem to work for me. But going for it all at once doesn't seem to work either.

Volleyball is a great sport but I like soccer an awful lot too. My kids play in the Catholic school league here and so volleyball is in the spring which is kind of weird. They are playing soccer now and have their first games today. Of course it's raining when the weather has been so beautiful up until now. I really miss it when it's not volleyball season. But I was so heavy this spring. I'm hoping to be in much better shape by next spring!

But cheerleading for your daughter is a great thing too. I was also a cheerleader in high school. I got way more sore muscles at cheerleading camp than I ever got from track practice. It takes quite an athelete to be a good cheerleader! Especially now. They do a lot more than they did back when I did it.

I've been thinking a lot about what is happening in the gulf region. Everytime a tragedy like Katrina comes along, I always wish I could do something more. Not just send money but really put myself on the line and go out there, help rebuild, make someone feel better, anything. With two kids in school and working full time, it's just not possible to do that right now. I hope that someday, if I am in a position to help, I will be brave enought to do it.

Anyway, yesterday was not one of my more stellar days for food. Everytime I do that, I get on the scale the next day to see what kind of damage I might have done. Not to bad. I can make up for it with good behavior the rest of the weekend. Wish me luck!


9/9/05 4:07 P


I just wanted to stop by & say how I understand what you're going's hard to admit we can't do it alone, but when you're ready, it's certainly nice to have a support group, and what better one than SP...I'm glad you posted @ Runningwater's journal. I hated admitting I was shy @ first. No one really knows anymore than we're willing to divulge of ourselves, but in order to grow & feel comfortable with ourselves here, we must be honest. I think there must be a whole lot more shy people in the world than even we can imagine...

I hope you'll find the motivation you need here again. I read your profile & found we had a few things in common besides being shy. I live in Oregon we're both on the west coast. I too used to consider myself an athlete as favorite is volleyball, but I also played basketball & did a little track...preferred long distance running.

I have 3 kids myself...the younger 2 are 10 & 14. They just started school recently & my husband just got sent to Louisiana to help out with the relief efforts thru the Army...he just got back from Iraq in March, so I'm all alone again, hoping to go back to work soon for a bit before I leave for basic training in Nov.

Ultimately, if I were to lose all the weight I want to lose, I'd need to lose 80- lbs. approx. too, but my 1st long range goal is 150...I'm trying to look @ smaller goals for the month so it's seems more attainable.

Being involved in your daughter's team is a great daughter has gotten involved in cheerleading recently...I'd love to see her get into sports like volleyball when she's older too. Have fun with the coaching!


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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,774
9/9/05 11:12 A


Sorry to hear your back is giving you trouble. Glad to hear yesterday went well- I think having a cookie every now and then is just fine emoticon

Hope you have a great weekend!

Coach Jen

MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
9/9/05 10:48 A

Another pretty decent day yesterday. I broke down and had a cookie but it tasted good and I only went a little over my goal for the day. Having a really hard time with my back again though. It was really bad yesterday and a little better today. I'm hoping to start the exercise program next week so I've been stretching it and applying the heat to try and see if I can baby it along. Hopefully, I can keep with the food plan over the weekend. Always hard for me. Kids have their first soccer games on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to that!

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MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
9/8/05 11:20 A

The rest of the day did go as well. It was a pretty good day as far as food goes. I need to drink more water. Never been a problem before but seems to be hard right now. Hoping to keep it up today. I have my food planned out and will do my best to stick with it.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,774
9/8/05 8:36 A


Woo hoo for you! Congrats for resisting the temptation yesterday!

Hope you have a great day!

Coach Jen

MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
9/7/05 5:26 P

A small success today. I started to eat something I knew I shouldn't. So I asked myself the questions. Why am I eating this? Do I know how I will feel when I'm finished? I managed to stop myself. Hope the rest of the day goes as well!

MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
9/7/05 10:52 A

Well, yesterday was better. No exercise still but I ate better than I have been. And I wrote down my foods. Feel a little better about that.

It was a very hectic day otherwise. Both the kids had soccer practice at different times. Because of where I live, I didn't go home until after both practices were done. So I left to take them to school at 7:30 am, then off to work and got home at 9 pm. It was a long day. Hopefully not too many more of those coming up.

MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
9/5/05 11:04 A

Thanks Jen. For now I think I'm just going to keep writing. It seems to help to see things in print. I'm really going to make an effort to track my food this week and get some exercise. Maybe it will give me the start I need. It sure would be nice to be feeling better by spring!

I'm not sure why I think getting the kids back in school will make things better. Maybe it's the routine? Things usually get really busy once they are in school. I'm learning to say no to things though. They do a big auction every other year. I was always heavily involved in the yearly auction they had at their old school so when we came to this school two years ago, I took on a committee and got into it right away. This year, I told them no committee. I'm going to do data entry the night of the auction and that's all. It's just way more work than I can do right now. Quite honestly, when they didn't put one on last year, it was a very welcome break. I still do plenty for the school and the church so I'm not concerned about doing my share! Coaching volleyball is more than enough!

Anyway, here goes another week. I'll give it my best shot and see how it goes. My back is stiff and sore again so I have to get some exercise to get it moving. Maybe a bike ride today?

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,774
9/2/05 1:33 P


I think a lot of times when we have so much stress in our lives, it can almost paralyze us- we know what we need to do, but just can't find the focus to do it. Like you said before, maybe it will be easier to get into a routine once your kids go back to school next week.

I agree about your doctor's advice- you can do a lot of damage in one week. I think it's better to let yourself have small amounts of the things you like whenever you want them- not just one week out of the month. Besides that, you work so hard for 3 weeks and can undo all of that in a week.

Hang in there and please let me know if I can do anything to help. You can do this!!!

Have a good weekend!

Coach Jen

MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
9/2/05 12:59 P

I've tried working with the small goals several times in the past. That never seem to work for me. The most success I've had is when I've said, "This is how much weight I need to lose" and then gone for that, no matter how much. I've never completely achieved that goal either but have had a lot more success than with the small goals. My doctor had suggested three weeks on, one off. You'd be amazed how much damage I can do in a week!

I've tried telling myself I will feel bad later if I eat certain things. Works only depending on my mood. Usually, I am able to get myself out of bed in the morning by convincing myself that I will feel better after a workout than I will after an extra hour of sleep. That's what is going to get me back to it eventually. But I have to start winning that argument when I'm warm in bed, early in the morning.

There is a lot of stress in my life at the moment. I'm under the gun at work to learn a bunch of new processes, on my own time. So I am taking on-line courses at home. My kids are entering the 5th and 7th grades and start school on Tuesday. My daughter is hitting her teen years full stride and that is stressful for both of us. We're trying to strike a balance there and so far, doing well. But it takes a lot of effort.

And this week in particular, the PMS is especially bad. I know that last year, when I was working out daily and watching my diet, the PMS was much less intrusive. I didn't get the migraines, the back pain, the cramps, the swelling. They're all back. There are enough benefits that I know are waiting for me, anyone would think I was insane not to work harder at it. How can you ever explain it?

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,774
9/1/05 2:48 P


It's easy to get into that negative cycle where you try to do good, think you've failed, then you feel bad, start eating more, feel worse, and then decide you have to start again.

Has anything else been going on in your life- more stress, busy at work, etc. that might be making you feel this way? Are you getting enough sleep? Especially if you consider yourself to be a morning person and now are having trouble in the morning, you might want to think about what else is going on.

It's important to find things you like to eat, or you are going to be tempted to go out. But even if you do go out, you can make healthy choices. Sometimes it helps to just think about how you'll feel after you eat whatever you've decided to have. "Will I feel good about myself? Am I going to regret this?" If you know you're going to feel bad, spare yourself those feelings! You shouldn't expect to be perfect all the time, but sometimes you can just be proud that you had a side of veggies with your hamburger instead of fries.

Do you think it would help to set some small goals to work toward in the next week or two? Lots of times that can help you get back into a routine and get the momentum going again.

I'm here to help if I can! Hang in there!

Coach Jen

MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
9/1/05 2:14 P

I'm not sure what's wrong Jen. It's almost like depression but purely physical. I'm not feeling down in anyway. Just not motivated.

I am not usually able to work out in the evenings so I have to get up early in the morning to do it. That's typically been okay because I am a morning person. Lately, it's all I can do to get out of bed in time to get ready for work, nothing more, not even breakfast. So then I grab something not so good when I get to work and my food day gets off to a bad start.

I also can't seem to deal with the food issues. I come to work with a plan and foods to eat, but then, when it's time to eat, those things just don't sound good. So I go out to lunch and make it worse.

Then I get down on myself because I have no motivation or will power. It just seems to spiral downward. I could go on and on but I don't want to whine. Maybe once the kids get into school, I can settle into a routine again. I just know that something has to give, but I'm not sure what that is yet.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,774
8/31/05 3:55 P


Anything I can do to help? What seems to be giving you the most trouble?

Coach Jen

MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
8/31/05 3:51 P

Not staying on track at all. There's got to be a way to get back my motivation. Not sure where it went!

MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
8/28/05 2:31 P

Back from vacation. I wasn't careful at all. Time to start again. I need to reset my goals but my scale isn't working. I'm going to try new batteries but may have to get a new one. So I don't even know how bad the damage is.

But we had a great time. We went down to San Diego and stayed with my brother for a few days and went to the Zoo and Wild Animal Park there. Those are fantastic and at least I got in a lot of walking. On the way there, we stopped at Crater Lake and Yosemite. Both were absolutely beautiful. After SD, we headed up to Monterey and went to the Aquarium. Very cool. Then on to Sausalito and wine country. It was an amazing trip. Left Napa yesterday morning, intending to make it back to Seattle in one day. We did too, in spite of a blow out in southern Oregon! No tragedies, just a little scary and then extra time to get home. Thank heavens for AAA!

Tomorrow is back to work and reality, and also a bit of a schedule to make it easier to stay on track. Here we go....

DHEIL77 Posts: 743
8/14/05 11:11 A

All Right! Another positive step towards a healthy lifestyle. Way to Go!

MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
8/12/05 6:22 P

No workout again today. It's just such a struggle to get out of bed. Picking up my new bike tonight. I'm really excited about it. Finally, a bike that won't hurt my back. I'm hoping to get a few rides into work (about an hour each way) before summer is over. Too dark in the morning once fall sets in. Some friends want to go riding this weekend. Not sure my hubby will be up to it. We shall see. If not, I'll just have to take a ride by myself.

MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
8/11/05 5:45 P

Thanks for the pep talk. I'm surprised you remember me. There are so many people on this list but I remember your name as well. I was so motivated last time, and now I just can't seem to rev up. Not sure what the difference is. I want to see results to motivate me but won't see them until I get motivated. Such is life!! I want it all!!!

Thanks for the vacation info Jen. It really is all common sense isn't it? I'm going to need it because there have only been a few rare occasions when I didn't blow it completely on vacation. Hopefully, this one will be better.

DHEIL77 Posts: 743
8/11/05 11:25 A

Keep at it- even if you think you "messed up" or didn't do as well as you wanted, just get back to it. Start fresh each day and give it your all. You can do this!I remember you from the first time I was part of SP (and as you can see, here I am again) I, too, was not ready to do it on my own. But, I'm back to losing weight and am almost back to my lowest point last year. It can be done. Those healthy habits don't leave you, they just get buried. Good luck!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,774
8/11/05 10:20 A

Hi Mary!

Here's a great article from the Resource Center about vacations:

The Healthy Vacation Guide

Hope that helps! Have a great day!

Coach Jen

MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
8/11/05 10:02 A

Well, I guess I can't do better this week. I haven't tracked any food and have worked out very little. I think I've been eating okay (not great) but still don't know when I don't write it down.

My back was pretty sore after working the Mariner's game. Too much standing so I've given it a few days off. I need to get back to it tomorrow though.

Vacation in a little over a week. There will be lots of walking around exercise but also lots of sitting in the car. Won't be much time for actual workouts although I can usually do my calisthenics routine in the morning. Hope to get started before next week and then keep it going while we are gone.

MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
8/9/05 1:54 P

Not so great for the weekend. Four pounds lost became two. But that's actually my goal anyway so can't complain too much. I know I can do better this week. Going to be a busy one though so it will be a challenge.

Working at a Mariner's game tonight in one of the food booths. One of the vendors allows groups to work their booths to raise money for charity. We do it for our childrens' school. This is my first time doing it. I guess it can be pretty busy. Hope my back holds out!

MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
8/6/05 1:22 P

Well I didn't do so well the rest of Friday. Hubby asked me out to lunch which is always nice, but I get there and it is so hard to hold back. Going to try to behave the rest of the weekend.

Taking a day off working out today. Don't want to burn out. I'm thinking about mowing the lawn (spelled weeds) so I'll still move a bit. I always work up a pretty good sweat doing that. And my back has been holding up nicely so it should be okay.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,774
8/5/05 10:49 A

Hi Mary!

Woo hoo for losing 4 lbs! Hope this weekend goes well- you can do it!!

Coach Jen

MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
8/5/05 10:30 A

Made through Friday and met all my workout goals. Did not quite meet all my food goals but still doing okay in that area. I've lost about 4 pounds this week so far. Hopefully, I don't tank on the weekend which is usually hard for me.

Back is holding up well and so are the knees. Icing now as I sit at my desk and get ready to start my day.

MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
8/3/05 9:39 P

Day two of working out and no real tweaks in my back. A little in the knees but not unusual with as much weight as I'm carrying. I expect that will subside when I lose a little more. I'm doing my best to protect them by modifying the exercises that tweak them. Hopefully, as I get stronger (and thinner), they will be okay.

I'm doing pretty well with my food so far. I feel good about what I'm trying to do here. Even starting to feel a little more enthusiastic. That's what I had going for me the last time I worked at this. I've been afraid to start because I haven't felt ready, or up to it, or whatever my latest excuse was. Now, I've decided I better just do it, ready or not. I guess that must mean that I'm ready!

Tomorrow should be another great day!


MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
8/2/05 3:51 P

Yeah Dean, it's been going on for years. The best thing that happened was a back pain study I participated in a few years ago. I really learned a lot. Of course, the biggest thing I learned was don't ever stop the exercise routine. That's my problem. I'll be really good for six months or so, and then I quit for whatever reason. Then it's back to square one. That's where I am right now. I pretty much know what I need to do. However, this particular bout has been resistant to all my usual stuff so of course, I'm always open to any suggestions.

Mostly I think it's going to be my attitude that needs reshaping. I've certainly bought into the idea that this is for life and I will always need to take care of it. The hard part is convincing myself on a daily basis that if I don't at least do the minimum exercises, I'm headed for trouble.

So here I go. I feel pretty good after this morning's workout. I'm taking it a little easy and hope that will help. Eventually, I want to move to pilates which really help the core muscles. I've got a way to go before I can attempt anything like that. But I've done it before and know I can do it again. Thanks for the input. And again, any suggustions would be most appreciated.


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SP_COACH_DEAN SparkPoints: (115,961)
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8/2/05 2:27 P

Hi, Mary

Has anyone given you info or recommendations on specific strengthening and stretching exercises to do for your back? That might be a good place to start, along with some low-impact aerobics.

Let me know if I can do anything to help.

Coach Dean

MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
8/2/05 1:47 P

Geez! I had 1500 calories yesterday and lost four pounds! That can't be right! And I know it's not real. I probably shouldn't weigh myself every day. Hard to resist though!

First workout this morning. A scary prospect for me because I have back problems which have been pretty bad for about the last month and a half. Each time I try to work out, it seems to aggravate it again. Vicious cycle because I know that working out will help it in the long run. It's getting started that is the issue. Lots of stretching, ice, and ibuprofen usually do it but hasn't seemed to do the trick this last round. Hopefully, I've given it enough of a break that it will this time. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for the encouragement. One day at a time, right?


LINLOSEANDWIN SparkPoints: (0)
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8/1/05 8:14 P

Welcome back Mary! I just had my blood work done, and I think the genes are sabotaging me, so I'm looking to get the weight off and see if it helps.

Good work to us both!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,774
8/1/05 3:06 P

Hi Mary!

Welcome back! I'm glad you decided to start posting again! If you need anything, please let me know.

Have a great day!

Coach Jen

MSBAARDO Posts: 6,812
8/1/05 3:00 P

I'm back, heavier than ever and looking at starting all over again. It's hard to admit because I thought I could handle it on my own. Just not so. At least not yet. I still believe I can do it some day but I wasn't ready before. So here I am again, approaching my 44th birthday, starting to count my calories and track everything.

Looking forward to reading everyone's posts and getting inspired. I remember this as a great group of people who were very encouraging to me before. I'm sure that's still the case.

I've got to get healthy again as too many of the things I've been to the doc for lately have the same theme, "Losing some weight will help." So I'm going to do if for me and my family. More to come...


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