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ALHINTON15 Posts: 142
4/24/11 12:49 A

Ya, my menu was pretty healthy too when I posted the problem. Now I'm not experiencing it, but nothing I did changed that. It just kind of went away on it's own I guess. It's so frustrating... If you do find something that works, let me know in case I get that problem again.

DANI-GIRL78 Posts: 31
4/22/11 2:53 P

I am having the same issue, that's why I searched for this! I have a 35 minute lunch, so not much time to do more than make my salad and eat it.

Here's my menu today:
Breakfast-Yogurt, banana, pineapple smoothie
Morning snack--veggies with a light Caesar

Lunch-Red lettuce with cheese, bacon bits, veggies, croutons, and light Caesar
Dessert (not everyday) Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

After lunch--zonked! ...and I workout intensely every morning for 30 minutes before work.

ALHINTON15 Posts: 142
4/1/11 10:44 P

Hi Brenda,

That's a good idea, but usually my lunch breaks are just long enough to eat and get right back to work. I don't even take a 1/2 hour usually. I'll see if I can try to do a little something though. Thanks! :)

BRENDAJOYCE11 Posts: 107
4/1/11 9:57 A

I also get a little sluggish and sleepy after lunch. I found that if I exercise, even a little bit, it perks me up!

ALHINTON15 Posts: 142
4/1/11 8:51 A

Oh wow! Thank you so much! I'll look at that when I get home tonight!

ALHINTON15 Posts: 142
4/1/11 8:50 A


First of all I want to say congratulations on your success! I saw how much weight you've lost! Keep at it! :) Secondly, No, I'm not really having much sugar at all except fruit. I am exercising pretty often. I just had a physical recently and my doctor said I was just fine with everything. Maybe I should bring it up to her though. Thanks for the ideas!

4/1/11 12:38 A

hmm...I used to experience that in the afternoon. Are you having sugar earlier in the day? I used to have a sugar low in the afternoon and crave sugary foods.

Are you exercising enough? Exercise gives me energy.

There could be other things going on (not enough iron, other vitamin deficiency, etc.) so you might want to check with your doctor...

Hope you feel better!

HIKETOHEIGHTS SparkPoints: (121,416)
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3/31/11 11:26 P

Dr. Oz just did a show with an expert who addressed this very issue. She suggested making your own little trail mix with a combination of foods:

Recipe out of organic whole grain cereal, unsweetened coconut flakes, dark chocolate chips and hemp seeds.

I hope this link works for you:

ALHINTON15 Posts: 142
3/31/11 10:28 P

Hi, I am following Sparks meal plan every day, and I'm waking up with a good amount of energy, but immediately following lunch I am feeling very drowsy like I really need a nap. Does anyone have any ideas about this?

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