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1/30/12 10:22 A

If you're just recovering from bronchitis, I don't recommend that you run either. Your immune system is still in a weakened state. If you try to run, you risk running your body down and getting sick again.

If you feel like you have a bit of energy, start with a daily walk. If you feel up to it, you can add some brisk walking during those walks. Slowly ease back into your exercise. Don't try to do too much too soon because you don't want to get sick again. That's happened to me enough times that I finally know better.

When the cough is gone, then you can think about running. but if you're kinda iffy, take a walk. And keep pushing the warm fluids like tea or soup. the dry winter air could aggravate the cough.

1/29/12 10:55 P

I'm no expert, but if you like to run I would suggest walking . . . then you can increase your pace and add in some jogging intervals as your health continues to increase. For me the trick is doing something I enjoy - especially when I am on the mend. It's hard enough to fight your body, you shouldn't have to fight your mind too. :)

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1/29/12 10:42 P

I have had a bad cough due to what I believe to be bronchitis. I am FINALLY starting to get better after a long three weeks, and I want to get back into exercising. What's the best way to start so I do not wear myself down again? Biking? Walking? Elliptical? I feel if I ran, like I usually like to, I would start coughing due to shortness of breath. I still have a slight cough and runny nose, but I feel beginning to work out again will help me increase my energy level a little bit. Please lend your advice!

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