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I'm the same, can't do hills very easily and quickly run out of breath. It's perfectly normal. Raising your body up the elevation you're climbing is FAR harder work than walking on the flat.

Keep at it and keep practicing! Don't push yourself too hard. Find hills that are manageable but challenging, and use larger and steeper ones as you get fitter.

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1/18/12 11:47 A


I don't have any problems on the flat - unless I push it too much :) and I did just add this hill about a week ago - and it's a fairly long one.

Good to know it will improve in time and thanks for the tip about short "bursts". I'll try that - really looking forward becoming fit enough to go for significant distances.

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1/18/12 11:30 A

Hi, Pam ! Do you feel out of breathe if you were to walk briskly on a flat road ?

One possible reason you're feeling out of breathe on the hill could be the height of the hill. Your body may have adapted to walking up and down smaller hills, but may not be ready for the bigger ones just yet.

If you know you don't have any medical issues, it could just be a matter of giving your body time to adapt to the hills. as they say, practice makes perfect. If you continue to walk up that hill, you will find that it will will get easier with time.

One thing that will help your cardiovascular endurance (and wind) is to occasionally add a brisk walk with your regular walks. You don't have to do anything long. For 30 secs or one minute, however long you feel comfortable with, walk as if you're going to be late for work.

Walking briskly helps our lung capacity. It really is a matter of being patient and consistent with your workouts.

Don't worry, you're doing fine !

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1/18/12 11:13 A

I started walking about a month ago - now walking 1.3 miles in 25 mins, a combination of hills and flat all on concrete. I'v noticed that I'm getting out of breath when going uphill, my legs don't bother me anymore, but my breathing does; it's not a medical thing where I can't breath or anything like that, just an "out of condition" kind of feeling.

My question: Will my breathing ability improve just with time or is there something I can or should be doing to improve it??

Thanks for your input,

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