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10/12/11 8:43 P

My wedding is on May 26th as well!! I am getting my engagement pictures taken in Nov and my first goal is to get fit by dropping 12lbs by then, I would like to be down 35-40lbs by March! We got our caterer/hotel booked yesterday! I look forward to staying in touch with you and see your progress! What are your goals for being on SP?

CMMNGSKM Posts: 53
9/29/11 11:08 P

Thank you! I have really enjoyed it. Planning has been alot of fun. It's nice they have a forum to share on about this!

SMASH637 Posts: 392
9/29/11 10:57 P

Congrats on your engagement! I had a May wedding, too, and it was beautiful! Sounds like things are really coming together for you, so enjoy the planning - May 2012 will be here before you know it!

CMMNGSKM Posts: 53
9/29/11 11:46 A

I am getting married in May and I'm very excited! I have my location picked out. They do the catering, found a woman on Etsy to put together flowers (not yet but we are staying in touch until the time comes!), I have my save the dates in my possesion - just have to address them. I found my dress and the bridesmaids agreed on a dress already too. Going to buy those in a couple months, I found a photo that inspired my centerpieces so I've chosen those :) and I also picked out my invitations, although those wont be purchased for a long time. Everything is going so smoothly and fast! I hope it all stays this way **fingers crossed**

And I recently signed up here and took on a fitness program. Twice a week I go to my local exotic dance center, Xpose Fitness, and then one or two days a week I run around my neighborhood. I have been eating healthier and while I'm not at the weight I want to be at yet I see a bright future ahead. Life is gooood! emoticon

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