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2/28/12 9:29 P

So glad to hear that things are going better. Health and then career that is defiantly a better order to have your life. Eat well, drink water often, workout when you can and take care of what you and your body needs. Good luck.

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2/28/12 2:30 P

Update: Balls are juggled! Lol

The weeks have gotten significantly better, and I did cut back on a number of things. My only focuses right now are my health and my career - in that order.

I cut back on many of the periphery activities and have given myself "permission" to rest more at night (post-workout of course) until I feel renewed.

Have had some really great interviews and am feeling excited and energized about potential new employment. In the meantime, my current employment is just fine.

Thank you everyone as always for the support and encouragement.


2/21/12 4:29 P

I'm glad to hear that today is a better day!

One of the things I decided a few years ago was that I couldn't juggle all the balls all the time. Sometimes I have to toss one to someone else or put it down for awhile. And some balls (like the whole keeping the house perfectly clean all the time)-yeah-those balls just go in the trash.


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2/21/12 12:41 P

Thank you all so much for the words of concern and support.
Today I am feeling better after the flu and resolved that these feelings will pass and the world does have a plan for me.

I DID regain my 3 pounds lost over the last week (Pooh), but I will just forgive, forget and move on. You can't keep all balls in the air at once sometimes as you've said.

I'm gainfully employed, healthy and loved....

Thanks all so much!

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2/19/12 3:50 P

I'm sending my prayers and sympathy your way. You have every reason to be feeling overwhelmed. You have been through so much recently. Thank you for sharing with us all! You obviously have a good grip in the reality of the situation, but the emotional part takes some time. I know that you will get yourself back on track, you sound very wise and honest. In the mean time, give yourself some much earned TLC. I've found there is a difference between loving and caring for myself, and falling into a dark pit of depression. (I know that deep, dark pit well) You are on the right track by sharing openly. Thank you for the opportunity to help.
Leslie emoticon

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2/19/12 3:37 P


I am so sorry to hear of your loss ! Anyone would understand why you're feeling overwhelmed. You take things one day at a time. Don't try to do everything at once or you will end up frustrated. Things will improve with time, but you really do have to take things slowly.

Also, give yourself credit for getting that other job. While it might not be your dream job, it's something to help pay the bills until you do find a better fitting job. Who knows, a better opportunity may result ! These things have been known to happen.

Some times, you have to get out there and create your own opportunities too. Don't be afraid to take a chance because once again, you never know.

For now, do take things one day at a time. make a list of your priorities and then decide what is the most important thing you want to accomplish. once you've decided that, you need to sit down and decide how you're going to accomplish that goal. You need to be focused on one thing at a time. You know what happens to the juggler who juggles one too many balls, they all fall all over the place.

Everything really will turn out okay.

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2/19/12 3:27 P

I am SO SORRY you're going through this hard time in your life. Break down that "need to accomplish" mountain into sections: Delegate to others, do it myself, do it NOW, and don't worry about it right now. That will help you with the overwhelming feeling. Journal, if you don't already. Try meditation. YOGA! Yoga is one of my best friends and I am always so zen after doing it. Take it one day at a time. You'll get through this!!!

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2/19/12 3:11 P

Hey folks, I am hoping for a little help here...

Had a bit of a challenging three weeks - miscarried, didn't get "the" job, many difficult dynamics at work, lost my current job recruited to another "ok" job....

And despite the fact that I know my many blessings still and despite that I know that things will work out for me. I am really struggling to stay on track...I have committed to losing 15 pounds before trying to get pregnant again and to treat myself as healthfully as possible despite my stress and frustrations right now, but I am struggling. I caught a flu this week and I feel down.

I know what the situation is logically, but at the moment I see a giant mountain of "need to accomplish" in front of me and I am feeling discouraged. Someone asked me if I was pregnant on Friday (no, just chubby, thanks)!!! I know I need to lose weight, I know I what I need to do....but I just feel so overwhelmed.

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