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BRETTA467 Posts: 708
1/9/12 11:40 P

It is a battle everyday!

1/9/12 11:38 P

My first weigh in is on Thursday and I want it to be a positive day. Even if it will just be one pound I will be happy!

1/9/12 11:35 P

Thank you for the tip! I actually made a collection of pictures of what I used to look like and posted it on my mirror so every time I look at the way I am now I am motivated to keep on track! Thank you for the support and suggestion. I think this will help me keep on track!

GMINNIEP SparkPoints: (0)
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1/9/12 1:15 P

Tomorrow is my first weigh in. Been really good all week so I hope it is good and not discouraging or I know it will put me in a tailspin! Cant wait to see..!!

PMHARRISON123 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/9/12 12:52 P

I am in the same boat. I tend to lose motivation quickly and/or make excuses as to why I don't need to keep with it. I think that everyone's responses have been great. For myself, personally, I am a very visual person. I like to see my motivation, and I like to see results (quickly, I might add). Keep your goals where you will see them. Put a list at work, a list in the car, a list on the fridge and in your bathroom. It's a constant reminder of why you're working so hard to make this change in your life. I like to put pictures and quotes up with my goals too! Make it fun and stay strong. Good luck to you!

1/9/12 12:13 P

I have been trying to get myself on the three healthy meal a day mindset. I used to eat 5 to 6 crappy snack-y meals or not and I am really trying to change that. I read somewhere that it takes a certain amount of time to get all the processed junk out of your system. Perhaps that is what is happening now. The last of the processed stuff is coming out and it is fighting to get more in! I dont know, all I know is that for the first time since I have started this I want to eat that bad food again

I think I am going to take your advice on making healthy version of my fast food cravings. I love British style fish and chips and I have been craving that salty-vinegar mix of the fries so I found a low calorie version to make for dinner! Thank you for your suggestion!

1/9/12 12:02 P

I am seriously fighting not to lose it! I have my first weigh in on Thursday and I want to make sure it is a good weigh in! I want my ticker to go down!

1/9/12 12:01 P

Coach Nancy,

Thank you for replying! The last time I was on a diet I allowed myself one day off I completely fell off and began to eat worse than I ever had before. I think that is why I am so strict with myself this time because I am so afraid of failing again. I know that I want those bad foods but I am actually fearful to let myself have it.

I want to get to the point where you are at now! I am more than happy to do the hard work to get the weight off and I want to keep it off and change my lifestyle so that I am not "dieting" forever.

Thank you for the support!

3ABLACK SparkPoints: (0)
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1/9/12 9:56 A

Switching your mindset from eating whatever-whenever to eating healthy on a schedule is a big transition. Maybe you could start out with small steps? First get yourself used to eating healthy foods. Don't worry so much over when or how much (but still use the tracker so you know where you are in regards to that). Once you get used to the healthier foods, then get yourself set on a schedule.

I don't remember if I said this below or not, but one thing I do that really helps is I make healthy versions of my cravings. So for example, a couple weeks ago I saw a commercial for Taco Bell and I suddenly wanted a taco. Well, I waited until the next week and made tacos for dinner. They were definitely healthier and I still got my fix (granted it wasn't instant gratification).

ELIZABETH19842 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/9/12 9:20 A

I'm exactly where your at right now. i did good for 7days then wham i lost it. emoticon

SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
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1/9/12 8:44 A

Hi Chelsea,

From someone who spent well over 30 years on a perpetual diet, I discovered the minute I allowed myself to have whatever food I wanted, the minute the stigma for craving them went away. I think that was because in the past I always associated dieting with deprivation. The minute I allowed myself to work whatever foods I wanted into my meal plan, they no longer had the allure they once did. And every day I had the power to say, I don't really need that donut or candy, the more empowered I became.

For the first time in my 50 years, I not only lost the weight, but more importantly I have kept the weight off and I no longer diet, I am living the life I am meant to live.

You can do this!

Coach Nancy

1/9/12 8:18 A

Thank you for replying!

I dont know what it is about my meal plan that I am losing interest in. I guess it is more than my previous diet was so appalling and I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and I am having a hard time breaking that habit.

I find myself wanting all of those bad foods. I do not plan on breaking my diet and I really want to get past the routine of my previous eating habits. I have been eating three meals a day and I have been eating healthy foods that I would not have normally eaten and I am drinking the 8 glasses of water a day.

I dont know what it is. I feel better about myself since I have joined SP and I have a great support system but I feel weak! emoticon

3ABLACK SparkPoints: (0)
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1/9/12 7:59 A

What is it about your meal plan that is causing you to lose interest?

Are you leaving out a certain type of food you always used to have? Are you eating a lot less food than before?

It's best to find a middle ground, where you can still eat foods you've loved in the past, but still stick to your goals. If the amount of food is what is getting to you, try drinking more water (should give the feeling of fullness). Or, let us know what you've been eating. Maybe you are having some smaller high-calorie meals when you could replace those with bigger low-calorie meals to keep you more full.

Good Luck!

1/9/12 7:28 A

I just started my diet. It is 7 days this week and already I am losing motivation! I really want to stick to this diet. I have all my meal planned out for the week and I plan on sticking to this and make it a lifestyle change rather than a diet.

Anyone have any tips to stay motivated day-to-day?


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