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11/22/13 8:57 P

I believe... and someone please correct me if I'm mistaken in this - that when we're encouraged to drink "X" amount of water, the reference is actually *fluid* intake. Not necessarily water, specifically.

I have this opinion because when my endocrinologist recently put me on a bit of "water" restriction, he amended this to say any sorts of fluids - sports drinks, soup, even gelatin desserts. All that is supposed to be calculated into my daily fluid allotment.

I can't say if this is simply something directed only at me, or if it's also true across the board. Hopefully someone with better background might chime in.

11/22/13 12:42 P

I haven't been able to drink tea because of heartburn, per doctor's orders. But I found a trick at work with my water cooler where I will fill half the cup with hot, half with cold and then I find it palatable. Otherwise I don't get enough water in the winter months, either.

I just discovered this and I was actually upset the other day because my water got "too cold". emoticon

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11/22/13 5:26 A

i like warm water with either lemon or honey or both of them. its actually sweet and does not taste like water

RKING10 Posts: 152
11/21/13 8:50 P

I'm going to have to try that!

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (250,466)
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11/19/13 10:46 P

I only ever really drink water in the summer. Other times of the year it is tea/coffee/coffee substitute/weak'sh hot chocolate, or consommé.

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11/19/13 10:40 P

Funny you posted this. I actually have a cup of water in the microwave that I forgot about up until now. I too am having issues drinking water during the cold. I've started just drinking warm cups of water. Might seem weird but I find it relaxing to have it on the side while I'm doing homework and taking small sips.

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
11/19/13 9:31 P

You could try hot tea with no caffeine. there are plenty of decaf blends, or even decaf coffee.

Of course, Becky and the other posters covered that coffee is not going to dehydrate you enough to negate its hydrating abilities, but if you really are concerned about caffeine, switch to decaf, especially if you enjoy your coffee.

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11/19/13 9:00 P

I like drinking warm water actually. It makes drinking water easier for me and warms me up

11/19/13 8:44 P

As Russell said, the amount of caffeine in coffee is so minimal ---do not feel that you must drink extra water to compensate. 1 cup of coffee = 1 cup of water.

Caffeine only has a major impact on hydration when used in medicinal amounts.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
11/19/13 8:40 A

I'm guessing that you mean coffee will just dehydrate you? not water

Caffeine does have a diuretic effect, but it is mild. It isn't like you drink a cup of coffee, and pee out 2 cups, and become hydrated. You just may need to drink a little more after consuming caffeine, but it is ozs more, not cups. Coffee, and tea are just flavored water, and will hydrate you, just not quite as much as plain water, because of the caffeine.

If you want, you can drink decaf, but since the diuretic effect is so minimal, if you feel dehydrated, drink another glass of fluid ( 9 ), and you will still be hydrated. Then you can enjoy your regular coffee.

People overestimate the diuretic effect.

MILKYWAY515 Posts: 113
11/19/13 8:34 A

This may sound strange, but in the warmer months, I have no trouble getting in enough water. When it is cold out, I want to just drink coffee. But the truth of the matter is, water will just dehydrate us. So, when it is cold, I boil up water, sometimes add a little lemon juice (or even a piece of lemon or lime) and make a deal with myself....for every cup of coffee I drink, I must drink 2 cups of hot water. Works for me; hope it works for you!

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