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2/5/13 5:01 P

I try to have 3/4 of my water in before lunch. So far it's going great!

2/5/13 4:34 P

My understanding is that tea counts, as does coffee (preferably decaf) and don't forget to count sweeteners if you use them. Though many artificial sweeteners have no calories they will still put your brain in "sugar" mode making you crave more - they are sneaky!

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2/5/13 10:28 A

I'm not an avid water drinker, but I do drink a lot of tea. Does drinking tea count toward my water requirements??

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2/5/13 9:56 A

I also find what helps me is eating something spicy for breakfast or lunch and that really helps me pour down the water. I usually get 2-3 glasses in if it's really spicy. Just a little hot sauce on eggs, etc.

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2/5/13 8:16 A

Cups of herbal tea, several times a day! This cold, winter weather HELPS! And tea is so comforting.

My favourite has its own, mild sweetness. I never need or want to add sweetener! TASTY!

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2/5/13 8:06 A

I think you mean "voila" ;)

I don't take vitamins or anything, but I do agree that getting started with water is a great way to set yourself up for success. If the first thing I grab in the morning is a coke, that's what I tend to drink all day. It's like priming my taste buds. If the first thing I grab in the morning is water, that's what I tend to drink all day.

2/5/13 7:58 A

Do you take vitamins or medication in the morning? Do you rinse after you brush?

For each of these fill an 8 oz glass and use the whole thing: take your vitamins/medication and drink the rest; brush your teath - rinse - drink the rest. Vwalah - 2 of 8 glasses done!

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