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3/22/13 7:06 P

If it suits you to exercise more intensely at this point in your life than you might want to sustain long term - maybe because you need the mental boost exercise gives you at the moment, or whatever - I'd say go ahead, but raise your calorie levels to the point where your body isn't freaked out by what's happening to it. And maybe try and do some of the exercise at a very relaxed intensity - long walks, cycles, hikes, that sort of thing.

It's good that you're seeing the doc, and an endo may not be the wrong one - the one I saw a few weeks ago tested sodium levels etc. as well as a bunch of hormones. If you're losing water and minerals when you sweat and replacing the water (with some extra) but not the minerals, you could be lacking in sodium (or something), but it's probably best not to ramp up your salt consumption without talking to a doc first.

Hope all goes well.

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3/21/13 12:11 P

Glad you are seeing a doctor. Please relay all of the information that you have shared with us.

Some things you may want to consider is your calorie range. At 195 pounds, it is not sufficient to maintain a sedentary lifestyle, much less your level of activity. Losing weight is not simple math. The more you burn does not always equal the more you lose. A daily deficit of about 500 calories created through diet and exercise for a weight loss of 1 pound per week is a good place for most people. The body is not so shocked, throwing off a host of processes, and more readily releases the fat. Your body's prime directive is to survive. It is doing what it thinks it needs to do to keep you alive and does not realize you are not facing a famine or crisis requiring large expenditures of calories.

On the exercise side, it seems a bit excessive and is too focused on cardio. You should add strength training 2 or 3 days a week and make sure you also incorporate flexibility into your sessions. The more you adapt to cardio, the fewer calories you burn so you have to keep doing more and more to get the same burn. Strength training creates muscle, which is metabolically active, meaning you up your metabolism and burn more, even at rest. Also, if you've been using the same routine for awhile, change it up. Try intervals, hills, steps or a new class.

I hope you find your answers and continue to make progress on your journey.

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3/21/13 12:07 A

Definitely think the check up is a good idea. Drinking that much water should just create lots of bathroom breaks--not swelling. Could be a heart issue (sorry, not trying to make you a hyperchondriac). With that being said, a gallon does seem a little overkill anyway. You really jeopardize throwing your electrolytes off in a bad way with all that exercising and diluting. I'd be interested to see what your doc advises!

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3/20/13 8:44 P

Wow - I got tired just reading about all you do!

I'm no expert, other than what has worked for me. My first thought after reading your post is I think you may be working out too much and eating too little! I hear it said on this site that the minimum a sedentary woman should eat is 1200 just to keep her body functioning. When you add all the activity of what you are doing, and only feeding it a little bit more, I wouldn't be surprised if it's rebelling and trying to hold on for dear life to every calorie it can get.

Like you, I've lost, gained, lost, gained and now lost the same 50+ lbs. The difference this last time w/ Spark was night & day. I did not deprive myself (well, not entirely, anyway; no more eating 2 cartons of Ben &Jerry's for 'dinner.'). Why? Because, just like w/ exercise, I asked myself what Nancy asked you: am I willing to do this for the rest of my life? I took that approach and I'll be darned if things didn't fall into place this time, way easier than the other times.

I walked 2 miles a day even when I was fat! I have a weight set at home which I'd dabble in when I was fat (left over from my thinner youth). Once I wrapped my head around the fact that losing weight is more about what we eat and that exercise is what gets & keeps us fit, the pieces started coming together.

Now, I run / walk 2.4 mi each day. Occasionally I skip a day if work demands it. I lift some at home, do ab work, etc . and once a week I lift heavy full body at the gym. Seriously: it's 45 min a day tops - add another hour on the gym day once a week. I vowed that I would absolutely not do anything I couldn't sustain for the rest of my life because frankly, I was just done w/ the "dieting" torture & crap. Fini!

That's awesome that you are eating the veggies. Strive for 7-9 servings (you can't eat too many).

Good luck andsee what the dr says. Don't give up! Maybe dial it down a bit in terms of activity.

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3/20/13 7:49 P


Why are you working out for so long? When we take anything to extremes, whether diet, exercise or both, our bodies do what they have to do to survive and that is to do everything in its power to survive, even if that means hanging onto the calories we are consuming.When our bodies are brought to such extremes it can throw off our hormones--cortisol, insulin, leptin and ghrelin just to name a few which can throw your body off.

My question to you is, do you see yourself living this way for the rest of your life? Most people don't. And while your progress may be much slower eating more calories and exercising less, your likelihood of long-term success skyrockets when you incorporate healthy habits into your life.

Coach Nancy

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3/20/13 7:08 P

If you feel it is truly bloating (swollen legs, hands), then I would possibly lean toward renal issues. Thankfully, you are smart enough to go see a doctor. An endocrinologist doesn't handle renal issues, but either way, they should head you in the right direction.

Try not to go crazy this coming week while you wait. Good luck!

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3/20/13 6:20 P

Hi everyone. I posted on here awhile ago and was in a horrible state of mind. I was depressed and felt hopeless, but your replies to my posts helped alot, I just want to say thank you for that :) Now onto a problem I'm having....I've gained weight (5lbs in two weeks) from my new regimine. I work out 2-3 hours a day, 5 days a week(walking for an hour in the morning outside, brisk stroll and then a zumba or turbo kick class for an hour in the evening, sometimes if I have enough energy I do two classes, so that's 3 hours) and once a week I do ten minutes of Insanity. I know being 195 lbs I shouldn't be doing that kind of workout, but I'm only doing it low impact. My calorie consumption is between 1200-1400 calories, and I've been drinking a gallon of water a day. (However I did have a friend tell me today that a gallon is too much and that's why I'm retaining water?) My close are tighter than ever...before I began this, I'm ALWAYS bloated, nowhere near what I feel like during that time of the month bloated either, it's worse. I hardly have energy, and my feet are killing me by the end of the day. I even have eliminated alot of processed foods and have fresh fruits, veggies, and high fiber/whole grains. Any advice? I'm seeing an endocronoligst next Tuesday, but if there is a logical explanation for this I'll cancel the appointment. I've lost 80lbs before, gained it back, lost it, gained it back, lost it, so my metabolism is a little wacky but I've NEVER had a problem dropping weight before, usually in the first week my pants are loose. HELP! :(

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