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4/14/13 6:18 P

Get through the next three weeks---don't add more stress to your already loaded plate.
Try to eat a healthy diet---this will help with brain functioning and test taking too.
Get adequate sleep if all possible.
Walk...if you need a chance to clear your head, a break from studying, etc.

Take 15 minutes right now to write a commitment to yourself and a plan of what you are going to begin as soon as you are done with your last final. That is your offical "start day" on your jouney to better health.

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4/14/13 11:10 A

Small steps! Try not to make a ton of changes at once, you'll just set yourself up for failure. Try setting a new healthy goal every week - ex: week one, take a 10-20 minute walk after studying or after dinner, whenever is convenient. week two, add something healthy to your meals (fresh veggies, etc) or eat healthy snacks. Soon enough all of your little changes will become habits.

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4/14/13 10:22 A

1) Go get another passkey. You can't tell me your college doesn't have a way to replace lost/ damaged ones! You might have to pay for it, but it's worth it.
2) You don't need one anyway. Your body is your gym! As long as you live in a place that has an outside (read: everywhere) you can exercise, period. Heck, look up videos on youtube!
3) STart making healthy choices. You know grazing isn't good for you in your case, so start tracking everything you're eating, and plan healthier meals with lots of protein and healthy nutrient balances (use the government food plate! Especially if you have a cafeteria type place for your meals.)

Just focus on your next choice being a healthy one.

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4/14/13 5:43 A

O.K. - first off, you don't need a gym to exercise. You can go for walks - a good time is during your lunch break. It helps to clear the head for the next onslaught of classes, as well as helping with weight control. If there are stairs, try running up and down them. Get a gymball and do some exercises on it. Use a couple cans of food - even weight cans, and use them for little dumbbells. Get a Theraband - they are cheap as chips - and use them for a number of exercises. Dance while you vacuum. Don't attempt anything that you may not be ready for!

As far as your nutrition is concerned, when you had surgery, you would have been given advice on what to eat or the amounts. Ease your way back into that and make good use of the Nutrition Tracker to ensure that you get what your body needs.

Finally, ensure that you get plenty of sleep. Lack of sleep, can make life a lot more stressful (and forgetful with the finals, answers) and so too can poor nutrition and lack of exercise!

Good luck - hopefully you will pass :-)

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4/13/13 1:35 P

What are some of your guys' tips to getting your eating and exercising plan back on track when it has been derailed? I'm a college student. 3 weeks til finals and I am soooooo stressed out. I haven't had time to exercise and I lost my pass key to the gym, so no real ability to exercise either. I've been grazing big time, eating more carbs than are healthy.... just tons of bad stuff. Tips to getting back on track? This summer, I'm cutting out all starches (I had bariatric surgery last summer, so my meal plan is a little different than most people's) and going back to the healthy carbs. Also cutting out all caffeine after school is over. Any more tips would be greatly appreciated!

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